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offsite notification

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offsite notification

what "extension" does the NBX (V3000 running v5.0.28) offsite notification use?  on this system, in an earlier version of 5 it would send out the main number as the caller ID 3XX extensions pretranslator  points these to xxx-xxx-0088 (main number)  after upgrading them to 5.0.28 the outbound caller ID is using the pretranslated number for extension 399(highest extension number) xxx-xxx-0099. how do I force it back to the main company number.

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Re: offsite notification

First of all you should be runing R5.0.31 not R5.0.28 as 31 is the latest code . Secondly , no changes should have taken place when you upgraded . There are 2 ways to set the numbers sent to the offsite Notification number by regional settings tab in netset . . One will send the originating caller id ( form the caller ) and the other will send the NBX caller id .


If you are not getting the Correct id , you may want to start by doing a dial plan test on that extension and make sure the extension pretranslators did not get changed and that in the test , the correct caller id will be sent . chekc your pretrans tables and your dial plan pretrans