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pcxset and USB handset/headset

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pcxset and USB handset/headset

I evaluated the clarysis i750 a few years ago for the 3com and wasn't impressed.

I use a USB headset from plantronics, works good for me.

I have been asked about using a USB phone to make users happy.

Any suggestions or comments?

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Re: pcxset and USB handset/headset

I don't really know any "supported " types of headsets as there are so many out there now . From time to time , we hear of some that are better than others . Recently All I hear are story's of Staples / Officemax purchases . I hear no negative feedback on some that are online . They are getting a lot better quality than a few years ago . I use a Plantronics Headset and a USB connection with no issues at all ( Retail store special ) .

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