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phone system freak out

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phone system freak out


So I started to update my 3Com 5500-EI (28-port) switch.  The update went fine but when I rebooted the switch my NBX 5000 stopped responding.  I connected to the call processorsing via the serial port and kept seeing

nbxElvis): Interface elPci0 not found

Sorry that is all that could get.

I had to pull the plugs on the call processor and wait for the disk check to finish and then it started to work again.  What went wrong and how do I prevent it in the future?

The NBX is running 6.5.22.



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Re: phone system freak out

NBX v5000

R6.5.22 code

extended memory ?

How many tels ?

PRI or analog lines ?


Hyperterm would have given you a link layer message stating the link 0 or 1 is down . Sounds like it may have something to do woth the NBX port . Unplug the NBX and plug it back in and see what occurs . Albeit a few seconds of loss , thats all that should occur , anything else and the port and the link may have an issue  . Simpe test after hours .

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Re: phone system freak out

Memory Upgrade Installed: YES (402,649,088 byte)

98 3Com phones

ISDN Pri line (1)

3 Analog line terminal cards for 12 fax machines

2 analog line cards for centrex lines


I had a hyperterm window open during this but I didn't log any of it.  I tried unplugging the ethernet cable from the call processor for 5 seconds and plugged it back into the switch and the nbx still didn't come back online.  When this happened I had no control of the nbx other than the serial connection i.e. I couldn't ping it or access the web page to administer it.  It took about an hour for the NBX to finish the disk check when I pulled the power cables from the call processor to fix the problem.

This weekend I came in and rebooted the switch to the new firmware while the nbx was rebooting.  I used the web interface to restart the nbx and I connected to the switch via its serial port.  As soon as I clicked reboot on the nbx I switched to the hyperterm window and rebooted the switch.  After about 2 minutes the 5500 switch came back and after about 10 minutes the nbx came back and everything was working fine.

If it happens again I will capture the output from hyperterm.  Are there any logs I can pull from the nbx that might contain the data you need?  Is there a reboot command I can use on the nbx when I connect via the serial port?


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Re: phone system freak out

hi .. not sure what happened . .best to have a console capture runnin when this occurs.

you can reboot an NBX from the console with the nbxReboot command