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pinout for paging port

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pinout for paging port


I have a NBX 5000 with 6.0.63. A group of users is having a hard time hearing a page over the phone so they want to plug into the paging port on NBX. The problem is I don't know the pinout for the paging port and it is not in the admin manual. The catch is this group is in another building. My plan is to use a pair (or more) of wires from the 25 pair of telephone cable we have running between buildings. They would plug their end into an amp which is connected to a bunch of speakers in the ceiling. Does this sound like a viable plan? If you don't think the telephone cable would work what type of cable would? The distance between buildings is about 400 feet.


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Re: pinout for paging port

here is the paging pinouts from the installation guide.

The paging connector on the NCP is an RJ-11 connector. It is a line-out, 600 ohm audio interface with a dry contact closure for use with an external paging amplifier (Table 28).

Table 28 Paging Amplifier Connector

Pin 1

Not connected

Pin 2

Relay common

Pin 3


Pin 4


Pin 5

Relay contact

Pin 6

Not connected