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power outage - remote phones won't come back up

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power outage - remote phones won't come back up

3CR10800A - R6.0.63 - IP-on-the-fly.

Remote phones on P2P T1.

Remote phones 3C10121 with static IPs

If power goes at remote site some of the phones at the

remote site will not come back online until the 3CR10800A at the main site is rebooted.

The remote phones sit at waiting for NCP.

Changing the static IP of the remote phone resolves the

problem until next power outage.

Old style 3C10120 at remote can't have their IP

programmed remotely and we end up rebooting the 3CR10800A.

Tired of rebooting the 3CR10800A each time this


Option 184 for DHCP server is not an option; no DHCP is

a security requirement at remote location.

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Re: power outage - remote phones won't come back up

Check the switches . Sound slike an old issue whereby

the switches are caching the mac addresses and not releasing them . Try rebooting the switches first after a pwoer failure and I will bet ( not guarantee ! ) that may solve the issue . If it does then the Issue is in the switches

What kind of switches ? You can maybe go and check out the switches from the Mfg'r

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