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remove analog line from dialer pool

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remove analog line from dialer pool

i added a vonage line to the system (for the CEO to call on) but i want to make sure that ONLY his phone can use it and no other phone can use the analog line port it is using.  i cant figure out how to map it to only his phone and so that its not in the outside line pool for other phones to use.

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Re: remove analog line from dialer pool

make sure it is not in the extension list assigned to the route for outbound  calling .


example :


rte 1 is assinged an extension list (  a trunk group ) . In this ext list you will find the analog lines as members . Remvoe this and only put a button on HIS tel  for this line via the port number . Eg : 750 , 751 , 752 etc . that belongs to the Vonage line .