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short list of minor issues

Regular Advisor

short list of minor issues


I have made a short list of minor issues I have come across using 6.5.22.

1)  Telephone Confiuguration, Telephone, the list is not sorted by extension by default.  This doesn't match User Configuration, Users where that list is sorted by extension.  It would be great to have the Telephone list be sorted by extension by default

2)  Telephone Configuration, Attandant Console, again not sorted by extension.

3)  Telephone Configuration, ATA, again not sorted by extension.

4)  NBX Messaging, Configure, User Usage again not sorted by extension.

The ordering for the above appears to be random.

4)  Telephone Configuration, Attandant Console, select an extension.  Under Assoicated Telephone the title bar has Extension, MAC Address, First Name and Last Name which are links, I am guessing, to sort the table.  Clicking on the link does nothing.

5)  Telephone Configuration, Telephone Groups.  It would be nice to list all of the telephones in that group.

6)  A way to logoff.  When I setup the phones I also setup the users personal speed dials.  So I have to close my broswer and start it again so I can login as the user.

If I am doing something wrong please let me know.



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