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strange call pickup issue

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strange call pickup issue

Have NBX with 4 port analog card and four lines plugged in. The lines are four pin phone cables that come from RJ11 jacks connected to 66block that amphenol from providers router is punched in. These are voip lines setup for loop start. NBX works for first couple of incoming or outgoing calls then rings busy. Provider changed something on their side and now, instead of ringing busy, there is a short ring and silence.


Service providers debugger tells that, when called on one line, NBX picks up two lines at once and that causes the issue.


Disconnected one of the lines from NBX and connected to analog phone, and analog phone works fine.

Moved the lines to another 4 port analog card on the same NBX and it worked fine for a couple of calls then run into same issue.


I dont see any configuration errors on NBX. I am not sure if the wall jacks are wired for two or four pin. Will try to find out. Will the 4 pin phone cables cause this issue?

Regular Advisor

Re: strange call pickup issue

It turns out it was setup to forward calls to some external number, thats why it appeared to provider that when the call comes in, the NBX thakes two lines off-hook at once, which is what it is supposed to do in order to forward the call.