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CDR 5.0.5 breaksdown every 2 weeks

Occasional Contributor

CDR 5.0.5 breaksdown every 2 weeks

I have a customer running a good ol' nbx100... They use CDR 5.0.5 to review the call log because they are a call mini center.

Every couple of weeks the CDR client breaks down on the Managers PC and cannot download any new records while another CDR application (on another workstation) continues to work fine.  In the past we have had to reset CDR passwords and that seems to fix it but today thats not even working.


Connectivity to the NBX is not the issue cause workstation can reach the web UI and ping it.


Thanks in advance....


Super Advisor

Re: CDR 5.0.5 breaksdown every 2 weeks


Don't know if I ever heard that one . I have heard of password issues in 5.0 as the admin pwd has to match the cdr password .

But you say a 2nd machine runs ok ? No issues with a password ?

what type of pc ?

Operating System / service pack ?



Ron Sardena

Re: CDR 5.0.5 breaksdown every 2 weeks

Our CDR is up to R8.1.3. Even then, it's really a touchy piece of software.

Valued Contributor

Re: CDR 5.0.5 breaksdown every 2 weeks


That's the VCX. This thread was about the NBX CDR software.