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Can't login to conference server

Occasional Contributor

Can't login to conference server

Could you please help, There is 2 problems found  on the conferencing server

  1. During the fresh installation configuration wizard, we didn't put the license key follow the wizard which i can't find the way to install license key and cann't do the reconfigure the system it shown error when lunch vcx-reconfigure command, How can run reconfigure script and install license key?

  2. when open the url for the conferencing server and getting prompt to put user name and password, Once entering username and password it shown message following "Login failure: Invalid username or password, or session expired", Anyone know how can it fix this problem



Thanks you in advance

Valued Contributor

Re: Can't login to conference server

Hi Wtech,


The file containing your conference server license keys should be formatted as a plain text file. Rename it to presconf_licenses

Then upload it to the VCX as root using an SFTP client such as WinSCP or FileZilla. Upload it to the folder /opt/3com/VCX/presconf. Next, login to the VCX as root using an SSH client such as PuTTY or Cygwin. Issue the commands:


cd /opt/3com/VCX/presconf

chown apache:apache presconf_licenses

chmod 755 presconf_licenses

service vcx restart


Once that is done, you should be able to login to the conference server web interface. The default username and password are root and root.