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Delay on hearing busy tone.


Delay on hearing busy tone.

Hello all.  I am having a problem with my busy tone on my VCX estate.  When dialling an extension from an external source it rings fine if the handset is not in use, however, if the extension is busy the system is waiting about 15 seconds before giving out the busy tone.  It is the same, no matter, which call progress tones I use (I have tried the default, UK, and US).  I have set the trunk to playback tones from the gateway, if I swap this to PBX then the caller does not hear the phone ringing.  Any ideas?

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Re: Delay on hearing busy tone.

Hi Gareth,


I don't know what might be causing this issue. I suggest opening a case with HP Technical Support so that they can help you investigate the cause. I suggest getting a detailed call processor log along with a simultaneous gateway message log so you can see how long it takes the call processor to send the busy SIP message to the gateway and how long it takes the gateway to send the busy tone to the PSTN.