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Desktop Communicator

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Desktop Communicator



I currently have 25 licenses for the desktop communicator, but can't find where to download it from HP's website.  Does anyone know?


Also, any special tricks to get it working with a VCX 200 using firmware 9.8?  We're currently using 3CX for our softphone.



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Re: Desktop Communicator



Desktop Communicator can be found on the ftp.usa.hp.com FTP site. The login is connect and the password is 2GetConn

The software can be found in the folder /PC_Applications/Desktop_Communicator/DC_2_7_1


As for tricks to get it working with a VCX Connect 200 running 9.8.15, generally following the Desktop Communicator User Manual works well. 


A key point is ensuring that the Phone Profile is configured to enable Desktop Communicator (either regular or Outlook Edition) as the Softphone.

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Re: Desktop Communicator

Thank you!  That was it.  I didn't realize I had to change it in the phone profile as well.  It works well after that. :)