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Help with 3105B Attendant Console

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Help with 3105B Attendant Console

I need assistance in making the 3105B Attendant Console work. I have tried all recommended fixes to the VCX to correct the issues with these when using the 9.5.13 and have used the updates to the VCX SQLPlus as provided on the Community Forums (script as used attached). I believe this ran properly on the VCX, as no error indication was displayed. Nevertheless, after restarting the Attendant and the phone is associated with I cannot get any lights on the console light for any phone registered to the VCX. I have configured a DHCP Reservation for the console and created option 184 information for this.When I console into the Auto Attendant itself I see it picks this information and is provisioned correctly. There is only one error I notice in the 3105 and that is a constant display of  arpResolve of failed (0xffffffff), errno: 0x470002. I ran nbxShowConfig; and have attached the resulting information

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Re: Help with 3105B Attendant Console

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>have attached the resulting information


Your attachment is missing.  You may need to add a .txt suffix.

(Still missing.  :-)


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Re: Help with 3105B Attendant Console

Let's try this again. See attached

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Re: Help with 3105B Attendant Console

Let's try this way! Thanks!



1. putty into the VCX as root
2. Switch user to cworks:
#su - cworks
3. Execute the command to get DB name:
#cd /opt/3com/VCX/vcxdata/bin #./listVcxdata
For example:
Copyright (C) 2009 3Com Corporation, All rights reserved. VCXDATAV54#09002021 VCXDATA Schema Count: 1 SUCCESS: VCXDATA Schema Instances Found
exit from cworks
4. Go into sqlplus
1. su – oracle
2. sqlplus /nolog
3. connect /as sysdba
4. update VCXDATAV54#09002021.code_device_type set description = '3105 DSSBLF' where dev_type_id=1056
5. if it returns the message that ANY rows were updated, you MUST type commit; and press enter to save the change for each system
6. repeat this command for any other schemas you see in listVcxdata
Reboot of the phones and the attendant console may be required to allow the button mappings to be updated.


 W arpResolve of [] failed (0xffffffff), errno: 0x470002


Word Address = 0x00000000
Memory Space = EEPROM
Word Count   = 68 (64 [std] + 4 [extended])
Data readback is shown below:
  0:  0x00e0  0xbb3a  0xed95  0xc670
  4:  0x0102  0xffff  0x6aaa  0x1586
  8:  0x0400  0x0400  0x0021  0xffff
 12:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 16:  0xffff  0xffff  0xfffe  0x0000
 20:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 24:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 28:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 32:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 36:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 40:  0x0000  0x0000  0x03e8  0x0000
 44:  0x0000  0x3039  0x5001  0x0a48
 48:  0x0a48  0x5114  0xffff  0x0000
 52:  0x0a48  0x0001  0x0a48  0x5001
 56:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
 60:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff

 64:  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff

SW Build Ident.:        R6.0.19   08Nov07
DSP Build Ident.:       R6.0.19   08Nov0
Device MAC Address:     00:E0:BB:3A:ED:95
Device Serial No:       TLFVD273AED95
Model Number:           0x0400
Hardware Revision:      0x0400
Functional Version:     0x21

Flash - BootStrap:      A2_0_0
Flash - Download:       C6_0_3
Flash - Operation:      X9_5_13_13_0

*********** Active Network Configuration ***********

Ip Address:   
Subnet Mask:            1119:012345 D255.255.0.0ownloader
     E dnld_TimeoutGateway Addr:           _Check: TIMEOUT: Resending
Version Request
NCP Ip Address:
Alternate Server:

*********** Non-Volatile Memory Configuration ***********

Mem - Ip Address:
Mem - Subnet Mask:
Mem - Gateway Addr:
Mem - NCP Ip Address:
Mem - Alternate Server:

Mem - Vcx Pri Proxy IP:
Mem - Vcx Sec Proxy IP:
Mem - Vcx DialDomainIP:
Mem - Vcx Ext IP:

Mem - Vcx Local Number: 1000

EE Crash Code:          0xFFFF - No Error.
Num cpmac Mbuf Reboot:  0
Num System Mbuf Reboot: 0
EE VLan ID              65535
HW Config Bits:         0xffff
SW Config Bits:         0xfffe
                        Do not wait for L2 discovery on pwrup.
                        Discovery Complete, IP using EEPROM

DHCP DNS Servers: None

Static DNS Servers: None

value = 0 = 0x0
-> 1119:012345 H3LinkLayer    W arpResolve of [] failed (0xffffffff), errno: 0x470002
1119:012345 Downloader     E dnld_Timeout_Check: TIMEOUT: Resending Version Request