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IP Telephony - VCX
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ISDN trunks.


ISDN trunks.

Me again. I have a question, does anyone know if it is possible to get 2 e1 isdn cards to communicate together so that calls can be shared across all of their ports? We are using a v6100 as a gateway and need to have 2x 31 port isdn trunk cards to allow for contension. As far as I can see the VCX only allows one address to be specified as the primary outgoing gateway.  Any thoughts?

Valued Contributor

Re: ISDN trunks.

Hi Gareth,


For outbound calling, this is done on the gateway using the Trunk Group table. Add all channels across both trunks into one trunk group on the gateway. In the IP to Tel Routing Table, direct all calls to that trunk group. When one trunk either becomes full or is not online, then the calls should failover to the other trunk.


For inbound calling, that is controlled by the telco, as the gateway has no bearing on which inbound calls arrive on which trunk.