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Support for VCX V7000?

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Support for VCX V7000?

Hi all.  We have a VCX V7000 PBX with about 200 3103 phones.  I really don't know thing one about it, aside from how to do normal MACs via the web interface, so I don't know what software rev it's running or anything.  It was installed about 6 years ago, and it's functioned flawlessly for the most part.  Our local phone company has been caring for it until recently, until their only VCX-trained tech was relocated to another state.  Since we don't have a service contract with HP on this unit, the phone company wants $1800 upfront to open a trouble ticket with HP.  Long story short, does HP still sell support contracts for this device?  Or are we left looking for 3rd-party support?





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Re: Support for VCX V7000?

I know that this post is old, but we do have support for the VCX System for $100.00 pe rhour.  My Engineer spent the last 8 years working for HP supporting the NBX and VCX.  You can call 760-804-1435 or email jkincanon@mtmnet.com or visit our website at www.mtmnet.com