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VCX 7.1 to 9.x

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VCX 7.1 to 9.x

We have several clients who would like to upgrade from 7.1 to 9.x, but we can't find anyone who knows the upgrade path or part numbers.  Has anyone done it recently?  Is there a good resource you could suggest?

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Re: VCX 7.1 to 9.x



I work for a HP partner in the UK. And we have done a few of these upgrades. Where are you abd your customers based?



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Re: VCX 7.1 to 9.x

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I've heard that's it's better to go to 8.0 first. :smileywink:


HP recently improved the 3com serial number convertor. Just type v72 into the auto search.




The old convertor is available too



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Re: VCX 7.1 to 9.x

We're in the US.


Re: VCX 7.1 to 9.x


The upgrade can be done directly from min VCX 7.1.16c to each 9.x version.

We need to purchase the ELTU licence for each server do you regarding if it's IPT only or IPT/IPM, CallP or IPM.

Download VCX 9.x package with Oracle 10.

The 310x are no longer availible.

The only 35XX are availble and supported on VCX 9.x only.


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