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VCX Restore From Server w/ schema ver #09051010 to #09002021

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VCX Restore From Server w/ schema ver #09051010 to #09002021

We have a customer who had a power outage. Now the phones are showing unable to connect to pbx.


We can't pull a backup from the server. VCX_TA out_log.txt says: FAILURE: Backup VCXDATA. Could Not block provisioning access to Site Id: VCXCONNECT


We have an old backup from the previous upgrades (version 7 and version 8), but we weren't able to load it onto the new server. To force it to restore the backup I renamed the file from vcxdataVCXCONNECT#09002021backup.tgz to vcxdataVCXCONNECT#09051010backup.tgz. I then get this error from restoreVcxdata says:

Backup File Version: #09002021 Restore To Schema Version: #09051010.

FAILURE: Restore and Backup versions do not Match


How do I upgrade the old server or get the schemas to match? Both are running 9.5.13 and both have the two 9.5 patches installed.


It's a small enough system that we will probably end up reprogramming their system from scratch, but I thought I'd ask here first. The customer doesn't have a maintenance contract.