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VCX Upgrade from 7.1.28c to 9.5.


VCX Upgrade from 7.1.28c to 9.5.

I plan to perform two VCX infrastructures. the first based on a classic design with 2x IPT and 2x IPM and the second based on 2x All in One.
Please can you share with me your experience and what are the majors risque that can be occure during this big migration.

- Related to Oracle Vcxdata database?
- Related to RTU Servers licences?
- Related to the old installed licences keys?
- Related to the users data?
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Re: VCX Upgrade from 7.1.28c to 9.5.

Hi Sindibade,


We have upgraded a number of 7x platforms in our organization and well, many lessons have been learnt. Although we decided not to follow the upgrade path but chose to perform clean installs, I trust that you may find some of these comments helpful.


1. As ver 9 uses Oracle 10, it is advised to backup your current dbase, just in case you need to roll back

2. Licenses were a problem. An upgrade licence will be needed. HOWEVER, if your current license is not currently loaded with HP, when you redeem your upgrade license from 7x to 9x, it will be successful but with 0 device licenses.....best just to check your account first !!

3. Old licenses have the .key ext, new license .xml, ensure you vcx-licenseinstall the *.xml file (a backup of the *.key will still be needed if you need to roll-back)

4. We use the expand config but the same should hold true for replication with the classic, you will lose replication with your branches in the interim until they all on the same version, but they will still function 

5. In the case of an upgrade, again I cannot comment on User Data, we recreated the data. Ensure that you sync your data if you collect CDR Records via a TMS


Lastly, it would be recommended that you upgrade all your Gateways, especially FAX Gateway. The following link may be of interest as their is a noticeable difference with ver5.6.x