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VCX on MSR Call Control and Accounting

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VCX on MSR Call Control and Accounting

Hi All,

Our VCX on MSR is configured with 1 E1 link and a 4 port FXS board. We are able to receive and make calls  using the E1 link without problem using the phones configured in the VCX. All outgoing calls are dialed with 9 prefixed.

We are having an issue with the FXS ports, where the users connected using these ports are able to make calls without following the dialing rules configured in the VCX, nor are the calls registered in the VCX call accounting.

Looking at the MSR debug logs, I see that the calls are sent directly to the E1 entity, no trace of them in the VCX.

In the MSR VCX Voice Solution Configuration manual, page 3-17, there is a note indicating that "By default, the two local numbers make calls through the local PSTN links and thus the services provided by the VCX cannot be used", without going to the specifics on how to change the default behaviour.

I'll appreciate any guidance on how to make the outgoing MSR's FXS calls be sent to the VCX for control and accounting.