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VM - Greeting Only Mailbox


VM - Greeting Only Mailbox

Is there a way to maybe configure COS to make a mailbox a greeting only mailbox. Thanks in advance for you insight on this issue. -Peace

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Re: VM - Greeting Only Mailbox

Dang guys this was an easy one. Is there no one answering questions on here any more? It is in the Profiles when you setup the Voicemail boxes. Have to go in the blue gui and set it in option under profile to information only. There is a check box there to accomplish this task. Works like a charm.

  hmph!!! -Peace

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Re: VM - Greeting Only Mailbox

There is but we must have missed this one .....

 Sorry !

Nice job !

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Re: VM - Greeting Only Mailbox

In case anyone can't find the option for an announcement only voicemail mailbox who's coming here from Google, the options are Cygwin GUI, vmlogin, subscriber profile, enter mailbox #, F6, F1, Information Only checkbox on the lower right side.