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Examining storage dependencies – From file system to LUN and beyond!!!

VijayRamS on ‎09-14-2015 12:26 AM

One of the biggest challenges in IT Operations is understanding the different dependencies along the storage path. Without a way to visualize the path from the servers, through the fabric and to the storage LUN, the day-to-day IT Operations gets complex.


How do we reduce this operational complexity? 

By providing instant access to the storage topology.


With HP Storage Operations Manager storage resource management and its new HTML5 user interface, we can present the storage topology instantly to the end users. Most of the time, end users are trying to visualize storage dependency by starting at the server level. Let’s look at a sample system-level topology for a Virtual Server:



In the picture alongside (click to enlarge) we can see the virtual server, a particular data store, the VMs, the Fibre Channel switches and the HP 3Par storage array.


The detailed file system topology is available when the user selects a particular file system, in this case 3Par_acclaim_datastore. 




In the picture alongside, we can see the data store, virtual server, HBA cards/ports, connected switch ports/target ports, storage array and the LUNs out of which the file system is composed of.


We can verify redundancy of storage paths using the file system topology visualization.



What more can we see beyond the LUN dependency of a file system!?!


In one of my interactions with a customer recently, they mentioned that their pain point is understanding if these LUNs are replicated (mirrored/cloned) on the storage array or not. By double clicking on a LUN, we can quickly see the different replication pairs that are available for that LUN. Here is the replication pair information for one of the LUNs from the file system topology:


With HP Storage Operations Manager, the complexity of day-to-day IT Operations can be reduced with the different HTML5 views. The end users now have instant access to inventory, topology, configuration, capacity and performance information of different devices along the storage path.


Find out more about HP Storage Operations Manager storage resource management at the product page here. You can try Storage Operations Manager for yourself here.

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Patrik Batsching
on ‎09-23-2015 02:28 AM

Yeah! Proper discovery and visulization of the storage environment is key to provide proper storage resource management services. HP Storage Operations Manager (SOM) is the perfect tool to help IT organizations delivering higher value back to the business.

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