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Hidden treasures in OMi 10.11 – useful CLI and web services enhancements you might not have noticed

VolkerGaertner on ‎06-16-2016 09:01 AM ‎06-17-2016 02:46 PM Julia_Dickinson

OMi just got even easier to integrate into your existing processes, with extensions to the existing OMi web services and command-line interfaces.

Now, you can set up downtimes, assign aspects, create node groups, add nodes to node groups, start tools on CIs – all automated via CLIs or web services. Of course, you can also use the CLIs ad hoc if you prefer to use a CLI instead of the UI.

Let’s now have a look at each of the new interfaces:

The new opr-downtime command-line interface enables you to manually retrieve, add, or delete downtimes for configuration items. This makes managing downtimes outside of OMi much easier, because you can set downtimes in OMi automatically.

Back by popular demand, the opr-tool CLI and corresponding REST-based Tool Execution web service builds on popular functionality from HP Operations Manager (HPOM). The web service or CLI enables integrators to execute a pre-defined OMi tool in the context of one or more event(s) or CI(s).

The Monitoring Automation web service and configWsTool command-line interface have been extended to allow aspect and policy template assignments (in addition to management template assignments, which were already possible). This simplifies assignments for individual CIs because you no longer have to create and use management templates.

The opr-node command-line interface has been enhanced with new options to create and maintain nodes and node groups (which in OMi are represented as CI collections). You can also add nodes to or remove nodes from node groups.

The opr-ci-list command-line tool enables you to retrieve the type, ID, and label for a CI or set of CIs. CI IDs are often required as input parameters for other CLIs or web services, so this CLI plays an important role in automating your processes. For example, using opr-ci-list, you could retrieve the ID of a node CI using its primary domain name.

The opr-archive-events tool has been enhanced to enable you to archive events by specifying event IDs or a category. This allows you to archive events very selectively, while other events are still kept in the OMi database.

The opr-close-events tool has also been enhanced with the new option -title, which allows you to close any number of events that equal or contain a specific text in their title.

For detailed information about these CLIs and web services, see the following topics in the OMi 10.11 online help (or the corresponding PDF manual):

Administration Guide > Service Health > opr-downtime Command-Line Interface
Administration Guide > Monitoring > Command-Line Interfaces > opr-node Command-Line Interface Administration Guide > Monitoring > Command-Line Interfaces > opr-tool Command-Line Interface
Administration Guide > Monitoring > Command-Line Interfaces > opr-ci-list Command-Line Interface
Administration Guide > Monitoring > Command-Line Interfaces > ConfigWsTool Command-Line Interface
Extensibility Guide > Web Service Interfaces > Tool Execution Web Service Interface
Extensibility Guide > Web Service Interfaces > Monitoring Automation Web Service Interface

 Or just search for "command line interface" in the OMi online-help:CLI documentation in OMi online helpCLI documentation in OMi online help

Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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