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How to migrate your content customizations to Operations Bridge Reporter

Vineetha_V ‎05-05-2016 04:41 AM - edited ‎05-06-2016 04:54 AM

By virtue of its extensible content architecture,  Operations Bridge Reporter has seen many content customizations in place at enterprise customer deployments. Users of former Service Health Reporter (SHR9x) versions have extended the library of out-of-the-box content as well as built their own customizations of content pack components including reports.


Given the significant architecture changes in OBR (in particular, the move to the Haven-based Vertica store as the backend repository and the upgrade to the latest Business Objects 4.x as the reporting platform), there are a few steps to be mindful of during the process of migrating the customizations from SHR9x onto OBR. This blog post makes an attempt to highlight those steps.

The OBR Content architecture lists three types of content components: Domain, ETL and Reports/Application. Let's take a look at porting customizations per component type. In general, each content pack component needs to be re-compiled with the latest OBR CDE version which can be downloaded from HPE Live Network. First, let us begin with the Domain component.

Domain content

The domain content pack contains data model definitions and respective workflow streams; it can optionally contain custom sql procedures that had been developed in Sybase IQ in SHR 9x.

Following points must be considered for porting a custom domain content pack to OBR10 (which uses Vertica DB as the backend data store).

1. If custom sql procedures are used in domain content, the same logic has to be implemented in Perl scripts for Vertica.

2. In corresponding ABC stream step, the perl file name has to be provided as the argument with the new mnemonic EXEC_PERL Here is an example step.




3. Re-create manifest template using the ant createManifestTemplate option. Update captions, CP version and dependent content versions within as appropriate.

4. Compile the content pack using ant command

Your domain content component is now ready to deploy on OBR10.

ETL Content Pack

The ETL content pack contains source specific data extraction and processing logic including ETL workflow streams; it can optionally contain custom sql procedures that had been developed in Sybase IQ in SHR 9x.

Following steps can be followed for porting ETL content pack to OBR:

1. Ensure that source artifacts of the ETL content pack is copied over to {CDE_HOME}/workspace folder.

2. If custom sql queries or database specific functions are used in any collection policy (joinqueries section) and/or stage rule, IQ specific functions need to be replaced with respective Vertica db functions. [Ref: Vertica online manual]

3. Re-create manifest template; update captions, CP version and dependent content versions within as appropriate.

4. Compile the content pack using ant command

You now have the ETL content component ready for OBR deployment. Last but not the least, let us take a look at the report component.

Report Content Pack

The Report/Application content pack generally contains a package of reports (the  .biar file) and optionally 'domain elements' as well - for the latter, the afore-mentioned steps for Domain component does apply. For the reporting artifacts, the 10 steps to port customizations are outlined below:

1. Install BObj client tools (packaged with OBR media) on a Windows OS setup (BObj client tools are supported only on Windows OS).

2. The next step involves conversion of SHR9x artifacts to OBR10 (BObj 4.x) format:

Convert the existing BIAR file (SHR9x) to OBR10.00 format [Use the "Upgrade management tool" wizard to convert the BIAR; in Linux, there is a command line tool; in Windows, there is a GUI based tool, which is automatically installed with OBR product]

3. Change the Database connection; instead of Sybase IQ15.4, create a Vertica connection using JDBC.

4. Open universe using the Universe Design tool,  refresh structure and make necessary conversions of Sybase IQ DB specific functions used to Vertica counterparts.

5. Export the universe; import it back to the new Information Design tool for converting the universe from .unv to .unx format. (OBR 10 supports the latest .unx file format only)

6. Re-map WebI reports to the universe in .unx format.

7. After converting the reports and universe, package the same in .lcmbiar format using the Promotion Management tool available in CMC.

8. Place the LCM BIAR file in {CDE_HOME}\workspace\CP\CP.ap\source\reports\sybase folder.

9. Re-create manifest template; update captions, content version and dependent content versions within as appropriate.

10. Compile the content pack using ant command

The Report content pack is also ready for deployment. Note that the new reporting platform has an array of new visualization types (tag clouds, bubble charts, etc.) which can be leveraged in addition to the migrations.

A detailed walkthrough with illustrations of the entire process is now made available as a whitepaper entitled "Porting Content customizations to OBR" on OBR Community on HPE Live Network.

And before I conclude this post, I would also like to share that the OBR Documentation Library captures references to the BObj manuals in addition to latest OBR manuals.

If you still have questions, please post them on the Operations Bridge Reporter Practitioners’ Forum.

 You can join us in Berlin to learn more about evolving to OpsBridge from your peers who have already begun, as well our experts.
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You can see more details in this blog and enroll here or click on the image below:







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