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Learn how to automate new user provisioning in HP Service Health Reporter using HP Operations Orchestration - Part 1

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎01-28-2014 12:27 PM ‎03-09-2015 03:34 PM Warren_Admin

Blog post by Viji K R and Venkat Satya


As an IT administrator you always look for ways to automate processes in your organization. Automation enables IT to efficiently fulfill requests, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.  In this two part blog series we will show a way to automate user creation in HP Service Health Reporter (SHR). SHR is a cross domain and consolidated reporting product. It consolidates infrastructure metrics, application metrics and business service topology thus enabling you to plan for the optimization of resources and maintain SLAs.


To automate user creation in HP SHR we will be using HP Operations Orchestration (OO). In HP OO you can create actions in structured sequences called flows. Let’s see how to define an OO flow to create a user in SHR. I assume you already have HP SHR and HP OO installed and configured in your environment.


HP SHR uses SAP Business Objects (BO) for authentication and authorization. To provision a user in SAP BO we will use BISecurity web service provided by SAP BO. As the flow is based on web service, we will use HP OO web services wizard to create the flow.


Invoke the HP OO web services wizard by executing wswizard.bat located at $OOHome\studio\tools


Specify the folder for HP OO project. The project will be created inthis folder.



Next step is to import the BISecurity service WSDL. The URL of this service WSDL is http://<shr_host>:8080/BusinessProcessBI/services/bisecurity?wsdl . You should replace <shr_host> with the host name of HP SHR system in your environment.



The WSDL should load successful without any errors.



Click Next to go to next screen.



Click Next to go to next screen.




The next screen is to choose the operations required in the flow. In our case we need CreateSecurityAsset, CreateUser and DestroySecurityAsset operations. CreateSecurityAsset enables to authenticate with SAP BO system. It returns a text based token which we will use in further operations. CreateUser creates a new user in SAP BO. DestroySecurityAsset releases the token acquired using CreateSecurityAsset.





 So we successfully created an OO flow to create user in SHR. We should test and deploy it before we can start using it. In part 2 of the blog series, we will show you the steps to test and deploy the OO flow.

 For more Information on OO and SHR, see the following links:

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