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Microsoft Azure Monitoring with HPE OpsBridge Management Pack

Amit-Kumar on ‎07-13-2016 11:26 AM ‎07-18-2016 10:53 AM Julia_Dickinson

The HPE OMi Management Pack for Microsoft Azure works with HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) and enables you to monitor the availability and performance of the Microsoft Azure services using the HPE OMi console. It discovers Azure VMs, region and Services. OMi MP for Microsoft Azure connects, discovers and collects from Azure account with parameters - Azure Subscription ID, Azure Subscription Name, and Azure Subscription Management Certificate. The collected metrics are stored in HPE Operations Agent data store and Events are generated in case of threshold violation.



 Key Highlights of HPE OMi Management Pack for Microsoft Azure (1.10):

  • Azure_Topology.pngVisualize all the compute instances across zones and geographies. Discovery with region location awareness and Azure VM metdata.
  • Automated Monitoring: In this information and data explosion age, automation and agility is crucial for the management of ever growing number of business applications. When an Azure VM is launched on Azure portal particular region, the Aspect “Azure Discovery” part of Management Pack discovers the Azure VM automatically and creates as “Node” Configuration Item in the RTSM with appropriate relationships and key attributes like region, Service and its size. In other hand, Automatic Assignment Rule instantly deploys the Aspect “MSAzure Performance” to monitor the health of newly discovered Azure VM.
  • Performance Dashboard: OMi MP for Azure brings pre-designed Performance dashboards which provides compute overview of Azure VMs in terms of VM State, CPU Utilization, Disk Operations and Network Operations. This dashboard helps to look at the performance pattern for the past duration.



  • Visualize the performance of the compute instances in real time in state of art dashboard.
  • Compare performance of compute instance across multiple cloud providers like Azure
  • Calculated overall uptime and performance of compute instances over time. Operational reports, read more on OBR content for Microsoft Azure! HPE OBR Content Pack for Microsoft Azure provides detailed reports that enables users to view and analyze historical information of the availability and performance of the Microsoft Azure services in your environment.


  OMi MP for Microsoft Azure consists of the following reports:


  • Azure Compute Availability by Region: Provides the overall availability and CPU utilization for a particular Region for a specified duration.


  • Azure Compute Health by Tenant: Provides the overall availability and CPU utilization for a particular Tenant for a specified duration.
  • Azure Instance Availability: Provides the availability of Azure VMs. It also shows the availability status based on the hour of the month.
  • Azure Instance Performance Detail: Provides information about CPU utilization, availability of instances, network In/Out rate, and disk utilization trend for a specified duration for a particular Azure VM instance.
  • Azure Top5 Performance: Provides the Top 5 Instance types that shows details such as CPU, disk, and network utilization for a specified duration.



 The OMi MP for Microsoft Azure does not require an OMi Management Pack license. With this version, OMi Management Pack for Microsoft Azure is under HPE standard support (no longer community supported!). The Azure VMs does not require HPE Operations Agent to be installed. The The proxy node with HPE Operations Agent must have connectivity to the Microsoft account through the Internet.


Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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Tejendra Jain
on ‎07-30-2016 02:22 AM

Seems Legit

on ‎08-05-2016 06:07 AM

I love the HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) because you could monitor the availability and performance of the Microsoft Azure services using the HPE OMi console. The performance and availability metrics are stored in HP Operations agent data store which is used by the reporting and graphing solutions.


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