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Re: Monitor the job queue, ascertain system bottlenecks - best practice #1

Stefan Bergstein

Thank you, Ramkumar. Do you have any further tips for looking at bottlenecks on virtual machines?

About the Author

Stefan Bergstein

Chief Software Architect, ITOM Software, Automate RnD at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


This really helps!  Looking for more like this :)

Stefan Bergstein

Thank you, Ramkumar. Do you have any further tips for looking at bottlenecks on virtual machines?

Ramkumar Devanathan

Hi Stefan, yes there are lots of cases where virtualization can throw a curve ball in performance monitoring. I will write a blog article on this soon - thanks for the idea.

Patrik Batsching

Hi Ram,


thanks a lot for your refreshing blog on CPU/memory monitoring.


Are there any additional considerations to care about, if we talk about virtualized environments - meaning we talk about vCPUs and vMEM instead of physical?

Does HP provide corresponding monitoring policies / tools to cover that as well?


Best regards,



Ramkumar Devanathan

Hi Patrik, appreciate your reading through this blog post. Thanks for bringing up the point about virtual machines.


I plan to cover some detail around monitoring / detecting bottlenecks in virtual systems, in a different article. However the important thing to keep in mind is that metrics like CPU-ready time and other virtualization-induced wait times need to be taken into consideration. We must not forget that there are many problems at the physical layer (the host running the virtual machines) as well as right-sizing of the VMs. For a start, the readers can have a look at related points from one of my earlier blog posts here.


Hi Ram,


Good article!!!


Just wondering what you pointed out is fr OM Agents. How about Sitescope? Are there any metrics to look out for CPU and Memory bottlenecks if we only have Sitescope?




Ramkumar Devanathan

Hi, yes it is possible to instrument this using something like a custom script monitor in SiteScope. The default monitor for cpu looks at only CPU usage. For detailed monitoring like this, it is better to go with agent-based collection.


There's a trade-off that you would typically do with remote monitoring vs agent-based monitoring in general. Remember that even if you did do a remote check with sitescope once every 10 minutes you would get only data collected at that instant of time, and so you might miss a spike that may happened earlier within the 10 minute period.


While you can reduce the polling interval, that again increases the logins and logouts on the system - especially on UNIX/linux. there's a definitely a network latency tax.

Christoph Pfister

Hi Ram, nice post!


Thanks for your guidelines. Your link is very helpful. queuing system 


Hi Ram Kumar,


It’s really making clear understanding;

Thanks for your post;


But wants more like this in Forum;





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