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JimGardner ‎04-05-2013 07:40 AM - edited ‎06-09-2015 03:16 PM

Products and their brands are increasingly experienced via the web and mobile, and this brings the importance of application performance management further into focus. Application Performance Management (APM) is vital across the enterprise, and its increasing importance to functional areas like marketing and customer support has become more apparent. If the customer (or stakeholder, as is the case with many productivity applications) is truly paramount, then application performance management is not only important to IT, but across the organization. Well-performing applications improve customer satisfaction, aid employee productivity, and increase revenue. 


It is not uncommon for marketing folks such as myself to talk at length about the importance of looking at the customer - and increasingly, all stakeholders—as the paramount concern when creating a brand experience. A brand experience is the sum of a customer’s interaction with the product and company. These experiences range from seeing a banner ad, having trial experience, actual product use, dealing with the billing process and finally product support.  All of it impacts brand equity—the value of a product above the essential value of its features, an important measure of a company and product’s market value.


Depending upon the nature of the application, it is conceivable that application performance management impacts each and every functional department in its own distinct way.



Because application performance impacts these functions, the need for application performance tools such as HP Performance Anywhere has skyrocketed. The demand for these tools needs to be driven not only by IT, but also by the functional teams impacted by the use of APM methodologies. This also needs to occur at earlier and earlier stages of the application lifecycle.


Clearly the benefits derived through HP Performance Anywhere are not limited to KPIs within IT; they also extend to user satisfaction and wider enterprise success. In this way, IT once again has an opportunity to lead the organization in identifying opportunities to partner with other business units, showing them new tools and new ways to improve the way they manage their responsibilities and add business value.


Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal and give Performance Anywhere a try? Now you have the opportunity to “rev up” your application performance.


For more information about, or to trial the new HP application performance management tool HP Performance Anywhere, go to

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Jim is a technology marketer with over two decades experience in product launch, branding, and product marketing

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