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*Agility* named top priority by HP Software user group in recent webcast

HPE-SW-Guest on ‎04-23-2014 02:54 PM

Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant


If you missed the live event last week:  Transform to a True Service Broker with HP Propel with Vivit, the global HP user group, then you missed a great event.  But, never fear, you can still see the on-demand, recorded webcast and access the presentation here.   


Hundreds of HP professionals and managers registered for the event from notable companies. Attendees participated with a lively Q&A session plus live survey questions during the event, and their feedback was enlightening.

HP Presenters Vesna Soraic, Felix Fernandez and Joseph Kim discussed the challenges that IT is facing today.  


Those issues include:

  • Managing the chaos within the IT supply chain
  • Integrating services from multiple request and fulfillment systems
  • Generally doing more with less 

Shadow IT is universal and studies show that 80 percent of users are getting their own SaaS apps without IT’s knowledge. IT is quickly losing insight and control.  They need a new operational model that allows them to provide a “single pane of glass” and a central catalog for an easy experience so they can capture 100 percent of service demand.  They need to become a true services broker with a fully automated environment to bring the value of the supplier community directly to the user.


The real-time polling results during the live event provided enlightening real-world feedback about IT’s issues and priorities today.  Here are some of the responses.


Audience Polling Question #1:   Trends in external service suppliers

51 percent indicated that they use “7 or more” external service providers. There’s an upward trend in that number which indicates a growing number of external services used in global organizations, and as well as an increasingneed to manage those services in a more connected way as a Service Broker.



Audience Polling Question #2:  Drivers to transform to a service broker

At a landslide 63 percent of the vote, *increased agility to deliver new services* is the top reason and main driver must transform to a Services Broker.  In a distant 2nd and 3rd place was the need to integrate Cloud services and reduce costs due to supplier competition.



Audience Polling Question #3: Trends in vendor or catalog sprawl

60 percent, or a majority of attendees admit that vendor or catalog sprawl is a *big* or *very big* problem.  This is a sign of the times and no surprise and increasingly a roadblock to the agility IT needs to get back as a Service Broker.  



Audience Polling Question #4:  Growing user-facing catalogs

22 percent indicated 5 or more user facing catalogs. 49 percent indicated 1-4.  The reality is that this number cross-pollinated with the major vendor and catalog sprawl feedback indicates this number is growing quickly.   *5 or more* user catalogs suggest a challenges for users to find what they need quickly and easily.   Providing users a consumer-friendly portal with a central catalog for automated ordering from any device is the only way to avoid catalog sprawl, avoid users shadowing IT and finally capturing 100 percent of user demand.    





View this informative webcast now, or download the slides for your reference here.   

For everything HP Propel including to on-ramping easily to be a true service broker get your HP Propel Free now at:


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on ‎04-25-2014 09:47 AM

Thanks Sherry for summarizing the event. I submit the consumerization of IT, number of alternatives for services/apps, and a current wave is IT decentralization is creating a "perfect storm". The negative consequences of something basic like where does an end user turn to for support on to the very serious of unmanageable outages, inability to respond to audits, or experiencing a security "incident" are daunting.


I agree that the challenge is nicely summed up in agility. If IT isn't agile, then users and business will look for other options. And that agility has to be very holistic across the lifecycle of a service. Makes on-boarding a new employee seem trival in comparision.



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