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Align your data with HP and BDNA

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Guest post by Mike Grainge

Sr. Product Manager


Let’s face it, compliance reporting in Software Asset Management (SAM) depends on accurate, consistent and aligned data. If we look at today’s IT enterprises, they are spending a lot to ensure that the data they have is accurate. This applies to both inventory data and purchase order data—two key components you require to be successful in reporting software license compliance.  Let’s dive into each of these data sources and review the challenges that are a typical daily occurrence.


Starting with inventory data, we can all agree it’s a never-ending task to make sure we correctly recognize discovered and inventoried software titles. What initially appears to be a simple task, has turned into a complex and time consuming issue that requires an advanced understanding to get it right. Let’s look at some of these challenges we are facing with software recognition:


  • Vendor landscapes are changing constantly due to mergers, acquisitions, name changes, etc.
  • Constant challenges with different representations of product names, descriptions, version, etc.
  • Manual, error-prone processes to aggregate data from multiple sources having different taxonomy


What I’ve described above is not an easy task to deal with and is only one of the challenges frequently encountered in this process.   


The challenges of entitlement


Let’s move onto the challenges we face with entitlement data that is either manually entered or imported into Asset Management. Without entitlement data aligning to your inventory data, your software license compliance calculations from SAM will not provide accurate reports. Let’s look at some of the challenges I’ve listed below; I’m confident these will sound familiar:


  • POs that have missing or inaccurate Manufacturer Part Numbers
  • POs that only show Part Descriptions, which are not standard and are hard to translate
  • License models that are hard to understand due to vendor complexities


You’re most likely asking yourself how anyone can be successful and reduce the time to value when implementing Software asset management.  This brings me to one of my favorite quotes:


 “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.”—Albert Einstein


We would like to announce the HP and BDNA Software partnership.  This partnership eliminates the complexity and provides a simplified end-to-end data alignment solution for HP Software Asset management. This allows you to deliver compliance reporting that is consistent, accurate, authoritative and comprehensive. This is the only solution in the market today that allows you to focus on optimizing business processes, managing risk and reducing cost. HP Software Asset Management (SAM) with BDNA’s solutions delivers accurate, consistent and well-aligned data in an effective & efficient way to provide reduced time to value (TTV) for our customers.


Benefits of the solution include:


  • Decrease time to value (TTV) and reduce manual efforts with end-to-end data alignment
  • Optimize vendor and compliance reporting with multi-source entitlement determination
  • Accelerate software recognition with over 650k software titles


The HP and BDNA joint solution combines capabilities of market leaders of both domains to deliver a solution that integrates like nothing else in you’ve seen in delivering end-to-end SAM data normalization.





With a touch of genius and a lot of courage, HP is shifting into high gear to make license compliance issues less complex!


Be sure to go out to the following links to learn more on how Software Asset Management has been simplified with a common data catalog across procurement and deployment with this partnership announcement.


Keep watching to hear about our next big announcement...

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