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GOAL!! What does the big match have in common with big data and big ITSM?

chuck_darst ‎07-15-2014 11:22 AM - edited ‎07-15-2014 09:53 PM

They may not be obvious, but are there parallels between IT Service Management (ITSM), your future service desk, and Germany’s World Cup performance? Of course, the application of Big Data and doing the best job possible.


First, congratulations to Germany on winning the World Cup in a very exciting match on Sunday. The single goal was beautiful and the skill level and effort on both sides was exceptional. While the outcome of these games is determined by the plays on the field, I found one of the story lines from last week very interesting, “Germany Uses Big Data to Crush Brazil in World Cup Semifinal”. You can read this particular article here. Likewise, Big Data can also help the IT service desk crush irksome problems before they broadly impact the organization and help improve service quality overall.


And one important difference, you can enjoy the benefits of Big Data for IT Service Management (ITSM) without needing a university class of enthusiastic students combing through years of research. Big data analytics can comb through various forms of service desk related information including:


  • Records/Tickets
  • Descriptions
  • Conversations (Chat exchanges, ...)
  • Other Log files
  • Knowledge articles
  • And other sources such as SharePoints

Analytics will search through this information to identify key patterns. Potential issues that impact your service will be identified and proactive problem management can be initiated sooner and more efficiently.  Analytics also helps remove the inefficiency that occurs when different end-users and service desk agents all describe or categorize the same situation differently. Big Data Analytics enables a quicker response while traditional approaches can fester until the proper associations are made and dealt with.


Likewise, one of the big challenges in moving to a more self-service service desk (let alone a fully self-sufficient one), is the creation and management of knowledge. In regards to knowledge management, this includes the delivery of knowledge and the ongoing maintenance. Big Data approaches make it easier to identify related records that could provide the basis for knowledge articles. The same is true with presenting relevant information. This includes what’s trending right now and what’s working best to remediate any issues. Using Big Data analytics makes it easier to manager and understand the knowledge within your organization.


Back to parallels with the article and the World Cup, there could be relevant data that a team can evaluate (from last year or even years ago) to relate to a current situation. Big Data approaches can search against both structured (classic keyed items such as CIs) and unstructured (descriptions inside or outside the service desk) to quickly identify associations and/or previous successful approaches. It is almost like a looking glass to the past to easily help you understand the future—or possibly vintage game footage.


Back to the final World Cup match itself, this also a like the span of a 120 minute game where one ten-second sequence makes all the difference. If email totally goes out, most everyone will quickly know. But, what if there are other items that could be correlated to make a substantial impact (for example improving a database server performance or thinking World Cup - fixing your defense).


Regarding the winning goal, it looks so seamless – a great cross, a beautiful volley. Big data can deliver the great cross and help you make the beautiful volley for the winning score. HP Service Anywhere embeds HP HAVEn big data capabilities– bringing the benefits together seamlessly and effortlessly. HP Service Manager is in the process of integrating Autonomy IDOL capabilities and we’re looking for people to participate in the beta program. Please read this LinkedIn post for more information and to register for the Service Manager Big Data beta.


For an overview of how Big Data helps the service desk improves knowledge delivery, proactive problem management, and reduce ticket volumes, a personal favorite is a recent Brighttalk web event: The pursuit of happiness through a ticketless help desk. And, to learn more about HP Service Anywhere in general and how it can help you improve staff efficiency and customer satisfaction with Big Data, visit


And with World Cup inspiration, Go Colorado Rapids!




About the Author


HPE IT Service Management Product Marketing team manager spanning our solutions for the service desk, asset mngt, CMS, and more. My background is engineering and computer science in the networking and telecom worlds. As they used to say in Telcom, "the network is the business" (hence huge focus on service management). I always enjoyed working with customers and on the business side of things, so here I am in ITSM marketing.

Michael Pott (michael_pott)
on ‎07-23-2014 09:49 AM

To tell the truth I am not an expert in soccer. But  I really find it interesting where Big Data plays a role these days - even in sports. And if it helped the German team to win the World Cup - great!


As far as the service desk is concerned I can envision that Big Data Analytics really will change IT service management and take areas like ticketing and problem isolation to the next level, bringing simplification and efficiency to end-users and service desk agents alike. Think about just sending an image to your service desk, and the rest will be done automatically.


You can read more about this and more about Big Data and HP Service Manager here on the same blog.



Have a nice day,



PS: There was sort of a Big Data record during the World Cup with 618,725 tweets a minute during the World Cup final.

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