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HP Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback – Get your cloud services costs under control

VesnaS ‎07-11-2013 03:22 AM - edited ‎10-04-2015 08:54 PM

Imagine you drive a taxi in a major city. You only offer a standard service of 5 miles – no more, no less. How many customers will you lose because you don’t offer service flexibility. The same holds true for IT departments.  A “one size fits most” approach will cost you far more customers than you gain. But how can you justify additional services, if you can’t monitor the ones you have? These are scenarios where Chargeback can help.


Technology is not free and IT has to show the value of its technology expenses before additional ones are approved. IT professionals face the same scrutiny that other departments face; they have to show how these expenses benefit the organization.  

Here are several reasons that IT expenditures are validated:

  • In order to enhance business agility, CIOs always hear about the importance of their key objectives. IT needs to offer a variety of cloud services at different price points if they want to focus on these key objectives. If we have learned anything in the past 40+ years. It is that average IT service isn’t good for anybody. “Average IT” still costs money, resources and time while “customers” often say it did not meet their needs.
  • A constant goal for IT and business is improving efficiency and lowering costs. Chargeback can accelerate you achieving this goal by ensuring cloud services are right-sized and are run economically when compared with external service providers.
  • Finally, IT should speed innovation and business growth.  Chargeback ensures that optimized offerings enable investing in new value-add cloud services.

Last month, the HP Asset Manager team released a new product, Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback (AM CSC). This product calculates operational costs and charges or shows end users the cost of cloud services based on actual usage or subscription.

In its first version, Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback integrates with HP CloudSystem Matrix and HP Cloud Service Automation. The software works together to import:

  •        Requests
  •        Usage information
  •        Services and virtual machines
  •        Catalogs and subscriptions


AM CSC calculates resource cost and aggregated service cost based on usage, resource unit costs as well as fixed and recurring costs. Service costs are allocated to users of these cloud services and rolled up to their departments or cost centers. Reports are automatically generated with cost details per organization, cost center, department, end users or cloud service. 


With Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback you can now:

  1.       Enable cost recovery for IT resources based on actual usage
  2.       See cost transparency to understand the true costs of cloud services with personalized cost  control
  3.       Easily manage your software with this easy and intuitive to use product

These values are realized through several significant features:

  • Chargeback/show back – users, based on their role, have the access to chargeback or show back reports. These reports can be grouped by cloud service, resource, cost center and similar. Billing is based on variable cost parameters such as one time, recurring and usage costs.
  • Role-based cost control – budget owners can setup and manage their yearly budgets and they can receive real-time alerts when their budget is reaching the set threshold. Personalized dashboards enable every user and departmental or budget managers to see the costs and usage of the cloud services they used. They can also drill down to detailed reports for more information. IT managers and cloud services architects monitor as well usage and costs which enables them to optimize the existing services and better plan their future cloud services offerings.
  •  Great user experience – all user interfaces are simplified with only necessary fields and this makes them very intuitive to business users.
  • Open system – AM CSC comes with APIs to get expense lines and cost related information to third-party financial systems. This helps bring cloud financial data to the enterprise supply chain.

Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback is aimed at customers without Asset Manager. Existing Asset Manager customers already have this functionality embedded.

Cloud service solutions, such as CloudSystem Matrix or Cloud Service Automation need the chargeback add-on in the same way a taxi passenger needs a mileage meter. HP Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback will help every IT department become a competitive service provider. When they can see how services are used, they can better deliver what is truly desired.


To learn more about HP Asset Manager software, please visit us here.


Vesna Soraic

About the Author


Vesna is the senior product marketing manager at HPE Software. She has been with HPE for 17 years in R&D, product management and product marketing. At HPE she is responsible for go to market and enablement of the HPE ITOM software products.

on ‎07-18-2013 11:34 PM

I didn’t know that asset mgr provides such a valuable use case for me. Thanks.

chargeback Expertz
on ‎03-17-2015 04:33 AM

Its kind of nice concept for chargeback, intrsting nice to read it, actully we are chargeback expertz, ma be it will helpful for us :)

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