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HP ITSM Insider Dispatch: How Attachment Handling in Service Manager 9.33 Adds to Ease of Use

Yvonne_Bentley ‎05-06-2014 10:46 PM - edited ‎10-04-2015 09:32 PM

This dispatch is the first in a series of articles contributed by HP Service Manager R&D engineers.  I would like to recognize Shan-cheng Tang (O'Neal), HP Service Manager R&D Client Team, for his contributions to the content of this article.




During an IT professional's routine use of Service Manager, it is very common to attach a file or files to a ticket. Improving the user’s experience in using Attachment Handling is a common enhancement request topic. In response, in HP Service Manager 9.33, the Attachment Handling feature has been redesigned to increase ease of use, with the following improvements:


Redesigned attachment widget



  • Provides a count of attachments without having to open the sectionIf the attachment widget is within a group or a notebook tab, then the number of files attached to the record is displayed at the record level without the user having to expand the attachment group.  
  • Indicates remaining attachment capacity:  The capacity indicator of the attachment widget displays the available remaining space for attachments and is updated dynamically as users attach additional files. Above the capacity indicator, the maximum file sizefor an attachment is conveniently displayed. These features provide users with important information about how many attachments may be uploaded before they begin the process. This reduces the possibility of attaching files that exceed size or capacity limits and thus proactively reduces unnecessary server load. 
  • Allows the selection of multiple files in one pass:  HP Service Manager 9.33 has taken advantage of modern browser features that allow for multiple file selections by redesigning the file upload user experience. Using the “Add files” button, a user may now select multiple files for upload into HP Service Manager with one click. 
  • Tracks and displays additional info:  It’s typical for more than one person to be working on the same ticket, and attachments may be uploaded by different users at different times.  In order to track these attachments, two new columns were added to the attachment grid.  The “Attached Date” column shows the time and date when each file was attached, and the “Attached By” column shows the login name of the user who attached that file.  Please note that the values of these two fields are set only after the record is successfully saved. 
  • Allows Batch download:  At the bottom of the attachment grid, a “Download” button is provided to download all selected files in a single zip file. This eliminates the need, as was the case in previous versions of HP Service Manager, for users to tediously download individual files one at a time. Please note that if the Batch Download feature is used and only one file exists, then it will be downloaded naturally without the use of a compression utility (zip file). 
  • Enables Batch removal:  A “Remove” button is provided to delete all selected files at the same time. Before files are deleted, the user is prompted to confirm the action so that unintended removal is avoided. Please note that different messages are displayed to the user depending on the number of files selected. These new dialog boxes and their messages, first introduced in HP Service Manager 9.33, are indicative of the many small conveniences that contribute to our overall goal of improving the user experience.


Upload progress tracking


Once a file is added to the attachment grid, a progress bar is displayed under the file name. As the file is uploading, a detailed status board (including uploaded percentage, upload rate, and remaining time to upload) is displayed to the user.



Validation and control of attachment size


HP Service Manager 9.33 has also taken advantage of modern browser features to provide powerful API functions for file operations. File size validations are now performed by the browser itself before the upload process begins. If the file size validation fails, then the reason for the failure is displayed by highlighting the file in question in the attachment grid. In HP Service Manager 9.33, default file size settings are configured as:

  • Maximum size of a single attachmentfile: 10240 KB (10MB)
  • Total attachment size per record: 51200 KB (50MB)

If you have tailored your system’s default file size settings as listed above, then the new attachment widget and associated features will honor your settings.



Performance improvement


In previous versions of HP Service Manager, uploading or downloading large file attachments may have resulted in “Out of Memory” type errors. In HP Service Manager 9.33, these errors have been completely eliminated. Please note, however, that, as a best practice, the uploading of large files into your HP Service Manager system is not recommended. Please consult with your local administrator (or contact HP Support) to configure your system with reasonable size limitations for attachment files.





About the Author


A 25+ year veteran of HP, Yvonne is currently a Senior Product Manager of HP ITSM software including HP Service Anywhere and HP Service Manager. Over the years, Yvonne has had factory and field roles in several different HP businesses, including HP Software, HP Enterprise Services, HP Support, and HP Imaging and Printing Group. Yvonne has been masters certified in ITIL for over 10 years and was co-author of the original HP IT Service Management (ITSM) Reference Model and Primers.

Johnson Jiang
on ‎05-07-2014 09:59 AM

This is a good improvement on attachment compare with the previous design and implementation.

on ‎05-22-2014 02:01 AM



The new  Attachment Handling is really good. I have done (in previous versions) some tailoring to get the number of attachments and the attached by. It is nice to have this features straight out of the box.


Kind regards,


on ‎05-22-2014 07:15 PM

Great function, curious though what reporting capability exists around this.  Can you query any tickets based on parameters?  Things such as:


Does ticket contain an attachment (Y/N)

Attachments by file type

Attachments by size

on ‎08-14-2014 09:28 AM

Great information and a very nice improvement!  I can't wait for our next upgrade.

Arti Patel
on ‎11-20-2015 07:47 AM


I am using SOAP web service to send attachment from email to HP service manager. However, I am able to see the attachment in email. But, somehow in HP service manager, I am only able to see the name but no attachment size of the file.

Could anyone suggest any ways?



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