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Have you outgrown freeware? Discover the next step!

HPE-SW-Guest ‎06-06-2014 10:00 AM - edited ‎09-04-2014 08:23 PM


Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software


Free is always an interesting price point, especially in a mature market such as ITSM or for the Help Desk or even the Service Desk.  “Freeware” as it is often called, is an interesting marketing hook especially when you can cover development costs via advertising, logo placement and links tothird-party white papers.  Creating a revenue stream that is ad-based verses seat-based is a very interesting approach and perfect for very small shops that are happy with basic and limited functionality.


From a client’s perspective free may work out of the gate—especially when an organization, department or project is small or getting started. However, it does come with a cost or a future decision as every organization will have to decide when it is time to move on from the “freemium” version or to stay put, sacrificing valuable industry innovations.

The natural stepping stone from a freeware-based platform is to review innovations, functionality and price points supplied by a trusted vendor with 20+ years of history in the ITSM marketplace.  At HP with the release of Service Anywhere we are focused on delivering game changing technology that is available across the spectrum of client sizes. Our goal was to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. In fact we believe in this market so much that we launched a 5-User Program that is fully functional and allows clients to grow when they are ready.  Let me switch gears now and talk about the value exchange each client will need to evaluate. The additional features and innovative functionality has to be worth substantially more than the nominal cost of Service Anywhere otherwise simple logic says you should stay on Freeware.


To find out what solution you should use, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your organization reviewing the ITIL framework and wants a platform or solution that helps foster the Incident-Problem- Change methodology? If so, you need to consider Service Anywhere.
  • Is your organization looking to populate and leverage a CMDB? If so, you need to consider Service Anywhere.
  • Is your organization looking to the future and the ease of use across platforms and mobile devices delivered by HTML5 based applications? If so, you need to look at Service Anywhere.

Would your organization benefit from tying the Service Desk function with Big Data Analytics to produce things like “Hot Topics” or “Top 10 List”?  If so you should review Service Anywhere. You can watch a video on the hot topic analytics Service Anywhere provides here.


Would your organization benefit from collecting Subject Matter Expert Information in a knowledge base and promoting the use of “Ask a Friend”? If so you should look at Service Anywhere. Would your organization benefit from end users solving 20-50 percent of their requests on their own via natural language search and having a rating system of resolutions? If so you should review Service Anywhere.


Additionally, implementation services and ongoing administration and maintenance costs need to be considered. Over the life time of a help desk or service desk solution, these services and people costs usually greatly exceed the cost of the software and potential maintenance. HP Service Anywhere was designed with the ITSM staff end end-users in mind to be easy to use, easy to configure, and easy to administer. These are simple to see in a Service Anywhere demo and need to be fully considered when evaluating total cost.



In closing I believe that many clients start with freeware because it is free, and they don’t quite realize that over time they have (or will) outgrow the platform.  Even the ones that do realize they have outgrown the platform fail to realize there is an easy and natural first step to a new solution. There is an option that provides tremendous value and innovation that far exceeds any nominal costs.   Unfortunately, most incorrectly feel they have to go from a freeware product to spending 100K plus for a robust platform.  This is not the case with Service Anywhere because HP has spent the time to develop an architecture that allows clients to start small and grow when they are ready.  Trust me when I say you will be shocked at how low the price point is for our starter program of 5 Users.  You can reach out to our team personally here:


If you like the videos listed above and you want to learn more you can visit our homepage and get it for yourself here.

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on ‎08-14-2014 08:43 AM

I had no idea Service Anywhere was available for licensing for as few as 5 users.  As you said, this competes very well against freeware software for small companies.  I will remember this when making recommedations!

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