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Re: Henry Ford and Steve Jobs –Visionaries of their time! What would they do with IT Service Managem

I am sure, that HP is at least one step ahaed with Service Anywhere and the HAVEn Plattform!
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Earlier in the year I signed up for the 30 day trial and populated the data.  Invited my team and a couple of our power users to test it out.


Frankly I think HP is doing them thenselves a disservice doing it this way.  ITSM software and processes are so complex that just setting up a system as saying "Try it, you'll love it!" won;t work.  How does doing this meet the statement of "Get your access to the 30 day trial here and learn first-hand how you will save money. Remember that your end users will be thanking you for years to come."?


What i suggest is you publish a reviewer guide which walks a decision maker through the high points of the product.  Maybe this exists and I didn’t look well enough for it, but then is should be presented as part of the trial setup. 


I Think HP Service anywhere is taking a great approach to solvign the end users frustrations, As for likening to apple all products these days need to be agile and intuitive and HP really are starting to hit this nail on the head.


I am sure, that HP is at least one step ahaed with Service Anywhere and the HAVEn Plattform!

Hi dkalian,


You are right we can do better and will. In fact we are weeks away from releasing new guided tours which will offer different and unique paths for different roles. We will offer folks the ability to create and use real data—if they like. 

Thank you for your interest and honest feedback. When we release it, we will make an announcement. However, if you are open to it, we could use an outside set of eyes to review it. If interested let us know and we will set it up.


Mike Zuber


Hi Mark,

Sure, I'd be happy to look at it and give you my thoughts.

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