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Hidden diamonds in Service Manager 9.3x

ScottKnox ‎01-17-2013 03:33 PM - edited ‎10-04-2015 08:33 PM

Keep reading for an entertaining look at some hidden gems in HP Service Manager 9.3x that can dramatically improve the value of your SM solution.


Since I have been working with service management for more than 15 years, I think most of you know me.  Hopefully that is a good thing for you. J Those of you with the dubious distinction of dealing with me regularly know that I have the “interesting?” behavior of linking my content to obscure movie references.  Luckily for you, today is no exception.


 In what Kevin Costner movie does his character Ray say to the baseball player:  “I’m saying, What’s in it for me!”?



Ok, since most of you know about IMDB and movie quotes are not really the point of this post, I will tell you that this quote is Ray Kinsella in “Field of Dreams”. In the movie, Ray is speaking to Shoeless Joe Jackson about why he can’t go “out there” into the corn.


I am using this movie quote to show that IT is the same way; IT professionals need to understand what’s in it for us. For example, we need to know the fundamental business value of changes we make.  This is particularly true when we talk about upgrading a large instance of mission critical applications like Service Manager


If you build it, they will come


With this in mind, our topic today and in our next few installments is to highlight the improvements we have delivered in Service Manager 9.30 and 9.31 so that you can see what we have built in for you.  My thought is not to inundate you with details that you can get from the release notes. I want to provide you with some highlights I think are important, interesting, or under advertised. This is all based my experience with years of customer requests. To start, take a look at this Dimensional Research report on uncovering business value of IT Service management.  Click here to download the report


What’s in it for me if I upgrade to Service Manager 9.31?


Resilience and performance improvements:  

Did you know that the changes to the record lists in 9.31 deliver significant performance gains for the web client?  In-house test  results show  performance improvements such as

  • Sorting improved by 31 percent
  • Save operations improved by 39 percent
  • Fill response improved 13 percent


On the application side there are a number of improvements to make the login up to 50 percent faster.


There are also significant improvements in 9.30 and 9.31 related to J-groups. In these releases the locking and license tracking were moved from J-groups to the database.  This move relieves pressure on the J-group multicast paradigm and dramatically increases resilience.  


On the client side, the R&D “cookie monsters” improved the way we deal with cookies so that client resilience is also improved.



And one more just because I can: with Service Manager 9.30 we have completed the verification of V-motion.  In the latest compatibility matrices you will see this called out as “supported” so that you can more effectively leverage your virtualized environments.    


Usability improvements: it’s all about less clicks right?


The record list enhancements in 9.31 bring easier record visibility, selection and faster navigation.

The knowledge management search and results forms are streamlined and simplified to take better advantage of standard search controls

Those “cookie monsters” in R&D also modified the  web client to improve the focus handling especially when making a round trip to a task or related record   


Upgrade improvements:

Now that I have your attention, you want to know if the upgrade is easier right? Our customers are currently achieving:

  • A much better binary update quality and ease of adoption
  • A 54 percent reduction in manual steps for the application upgrade resulting in 25 percent time savings
  • A 20- to 40-percent reduction in application conflict resolution and validation through automatic and three-way merge capabilities


OK, I think that’s enough for today.  I bet your heads are swimming at this point.


Seriously though folks, I am VERY convinced that getting to the latest release is absolutely in your best interest. Even if you make the small investment in a “binary” update to the 9.31 branch you will realize huge value for yourselves and your consumers.


One last thought, the theme of our movie reference is “if you build it he will come”. So far, approximately 200 of you have made it on to the 9.3x branch and others are on the way. According to interviews and the optics we have from support surveys we see a dramatic improvement in perceived product quality and effectiveness.  We look forward to seeing the rest of you there soon.


I hope this has been helpful and that you will follow me for the next round of topics.  You never know what I will talk about.  Maybe we will hear about jump tags, or hardware load balancers or much faster cross table queries. Maybe you will hear about doc improvements or some cool white papers.  Oh, and the obscure movie references, You just never know where I will go with those…


Have a great day. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, My name is Inigo Montoya….. Oh sorry that’s not right.


Scott Knox

Sr Product Manager -- HP Service Manager


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About the Author


I am Senior Product Manager for Service Manager. I have been manning the post for 10 years and working in various technical roles with the product since 1996. I love SM, our ecosystem, and our customers and I am committed to do my best to keep you appraised of what is going on. I will even try to keep you entertained as I do so. Oh and BTW... I not only express my creativity in writing but I am a fairly accomplished oil painter.

‎01-17-2013 03:57 PM - edited ‎01-17-2013 04:17 PM

Wow, what a great article.  Oh wait, since I wrote the article am I allowed to comment on how wonderful it is?  LOL

Richard Webner
on ‎01-18-2013 12:49 PM

Nice Work! You make some very compelling arguments. Looking forward to the other articles in the series.

on ‎01-21-2013 10:48 AM

Nice post. I love it. I hope to see more. Thanks for sharing with us.

on ‎01-22-2013 08:01 PM

Absolutely interesting. From where I come - BMC Foootprints and other ITSM solutions HP Service Manager seems to be a power house. I will definitely like to know more about 9.0 (I probably will google it) to understand the changes in 9.3.  ? Can Service Manager be divided into Workspaces - say for example - another department within the organisation, lets say Facilities or HR want to use Service Manager to log and record their changes and tasks in a separate workspace away from IT. IT though will have complete control of Service Manager. This is possible in Footprints so I was wondering if this feature is available out of the box in SM

What is your view of Cloud based ITSM software in terms of security, risks or impact on end users. Is HP planning into moving Service Manager to this direction.

on ‎01-24-2013 01:57 PM

Thanks for the great article Scott!  Can't wait for more from you.

on ‎01-25-2013 12:36 PM

Thanx everyone for the kind responses to my post.


Also, Great comment from Cajef.  Some thoughts below for your consideration.


Yes, SM is VERY powerful. Yoda-like powers, if you ask me.  Seriously though, we do cover a lot of use cases and support many different user needs.  In case it was not obvious, there is a  link in my blog for Service Manager that points to our HP website where you can get insight into many of those capabilities.


I think your question  about separate workspaces is quite interesting.  Service Manager can definitely be used to support multiple lines of business within the same instance.  For example, there are many customers that have central IT Service Manager systems that also have help desks for HR. One unique use case is the banking customer that uses Service Manager for IT but also tracks the availability of their ATMs and dispatches technicians as part of a classic Incident  and Change management delivery. 


Perhaps other readers can provide additional non-IT use cases! 


Your question regarding Cloud computing for ITSM is also very well timed.  We definitely believe that  hosted solutions in the cloud have a very strong place in the market. In fact,  HP offers Service Anywhere which is a SaaS solution for ITSM.  You can get more info on the HP SaaS  ITSM solution at .  


With that said, I personally believe that there is a place for both hosted and on-premise ITSM solutions. In fact some analysts are reporting that as much as 30% of the hosted SaaS ITSM solutions will revert to an on-premise deployment by 2015.  We at HP are positioned to support our customers no matter where they wish their ITSM solution to reside.   There is a lot more that we might say about this topic and I am thinking about building out a blog on the topic.  Would that be interesting for this audience?


Thanx again for your comments and questions.  I look forward to more stimulating conversation going forward



on ‎01-25-2013 04:29 PM

This might be a bit sideways, but the cloud references above made me want to raise my hand.


In addition to delivering or consuming a service desk via the cloud, we've written a lot on the relationship between cloud and ITSM. You'll find a variety of materials out on Check out the resources tab or the OVUM whitepaper (registration required for that one).



And, my favorite ITSM - Cloud talk of all time ...



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