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Hybrid IT – You’re ready to be a Service Broker, but is your organization?

HPE-SW-Guest on ‎03-27-2014 12:45 PM


Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant


The trends of cloud computing, big data, social media and mobile in recent years have created a clear mandate for an IT reinvention.   IT must transform from a traditional reactive role as an infrastructure and operations provider to a hybrid role as a true Services Broker delivering services from a myriad of cloud providers.  IT is no longer called to be the creator of services, but to broker the services that already exist in the market from multi-vendor solutions, IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS, as well as hybrid cloud services.  The new core competency of this Hybrid IT is to harness the best and most relevant services available and deliver that value directly to the user while still maintaining some of the traditional IT infrastructure and operations.   There is no doubt that this is an exciting time for IT.  With the addition of cloud services, IT shifts to a more strategic role. They become less arms and legs and more focused on decisions that can be quickly employed to optimize the enterprise through value-based partnerships.


As you would expect, this new role changes the way IT works and how they transform into a true Services Broker. With that, the enterprise and the relationship with IT must change.  Most companies, especially large enterprises, understand logically that a transformation needs to happen.  But are they fully committed and ready to support it? 

Traditional, less progressive enterprises, still see IT as a tactical owner of IT resources. Enterprise management is still very involved with most IT decisions.  These enterprises will require more work to make the transition to a Service Broker model.  More progressive enterprises are performance oriented and are managing their IT by service levels. They are on the right track but they are still a leap away from a true Service Broker model.  


But with the cloud, big data, social media and mobile trends, the Hybrid IT role will be broader transforming to a true Service Broker and almost acting like an external Services Provider organization.  It will orchestrate the delivery of all IT services regardless of what sourced service or method of delivery which will require a greater level of trust from the enterprise. 


The Service Broker team will be responsible for understanding the business requirements and delivering that value directly to the Line of Business within the agreed upon service levels.  The business user receives the service but is never exposed to anything behind the scenes such as: vendor or service selection, service level management, integration, compliance and governance issues.  


The business users will see the new IT role like any other outside service provider and simply receive the services, per their requirements.  One obstacle to this full transformation is trust.  The enterprise must learn to trust their new Services Broker to deliver the services they request.  When moving from more traditional model to a hybrid role the mission and scope must change.  The promise of new goals must be set. The associated benefits of reaching those goals for the enterprise and for the users must provide incentive to all to support those goals and mission. 


Executive management must support the shift by setting clear parameters for how the business users will work with their new hybrid IT Service Broker.  But as is always the case, results do the talking, and the transition will move faster with quick, early wins.  As a true Service Broker, IT has an opportunity to deliver unprecedented value more rapidly than was ever possible.  By harnessing the game-changing possibilities of the cloud, working in a more strategic proactive role, IT will leave the perception of being reactive, tactical and purely operational in the IT history books.   


The newly announced HP Propel is the first complete solution enabling IT to transform to a true Service Broker.  HP offers Propel as a free or premium version so you can begin the journey with basic capabilities and expand as you wish.  HP Propel Free is a fully-functional solution providing the consumer-oriented HP Portal, the HP Service Catalog that begins with 100 pre-defined items, and HP Knowledge Base, all on an open framework and mobile-enabled for any device that your business users may have.   Register now to get your HP Propel Free version.


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