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Incident managers, listen up: The CIO might be watching!

MylesS on ‎04-24-2013 11:42 AM

This week I got hear about how the IT team at a major European oil and gas company was working to improve their quality of service delivery. As it turned out, improvement here was a strategic goal set by their CIO.


To achieve their goal, the team first focused on improving their incident process. Part of this involved purchasing a service management tool. But at a deeper level, it involved setting service level objectives (SLOs) and then measuring performance against each SLO. With this data, their continual service improvement plan involved setting and measuring performance against a key performance indicator (KPI). This way, the firm could actively measure and manage improvement and, most importantly, show improvement over time to the CIO. The KPI chosen for managing the incident process was interactions with breaches. Obviously, this was chosen to ensure that things were fixed in a timely fashion, and that response time was improved for service delivery as a whole.


The company’s overarching goal was simply to determine how many SLOs were related to breaches, and how good IT’s incident process was from the customer’s perspective. What is neat about this is that the IT team was able to measure performance with a combination of Service Manager 9.21 and Executive Scorecard 9.3. The team used out-of-the-box KPIs to show the full scope of their improvements. In addition, scorecards were put together for three roles—the CIO, the service manager director, and the incident manager.


Clearly, service management matters to service delivery, and incident management performance can be a leading indicator. How well are you doing here? Remember—the CIO might be watching!


It is people, process, and technology—right?

How do you benchmark your service desk performance?

COBIT 5 Service Request & Incident to Increase Productivity & Minimize Service Disruptions

IT service management needs the ability to measure its benefits

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Mr. Suer is a senior manager for IT Performance Management. Prior to this role, Mr. Suer headed IT Performance Management Analytics Product Management including IT Financial Management and Executive Scorecard.

on ‎04-30-2013 02:17 PM



Do you have any interesting examples of IT organizations incorporating survey data into HP's Executive Scorecard?


When doing some research on incident management KPIs a few years ago, I personally proposed the following top 10 list based on a variety of industry sources. Given all of your CobiT related investigations, I am curious about your top ~10 KPI list specific for Help Desk Managers dealing with Incident Management.


Also, what would you recomment rolling up into a higher level score card or report?



on ‎04-30-2013 02:45 PM

Wow, what a great questions! I will answer this in two ways. What are my top 10 KPIs from XS for Service Manager and what are my favorite COBIT 5 Service Management KPIs. I will do the first in David Letterman Style.



Percent of software licenses in use


Percent of reopened incidents


Percent of escalated incidents


Percent of unplanned changes


MTTR Customer Incident


Percent of met SLAs


Percent emergency changes


Percent of changes resulting in outages


Change Success Rate


Percent incident response time meeting SLA


Now my favorite COBIT KPIs relating to service management.


-Percent of unsuccessful changes due to inadequate impact assessment

-Unsuccessful changes that take down a business service and have to be back out

-Number of emergency changes not authorized after the change

-Decreasing the number of reoccurring incidents caused by unresolved problems

-Percent of incidents causing disruption to business critical processes

-The level of user satisfaction with service request fulfillment

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