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Introducing HP Service Manager 9.33: The Best HP ITSM User Experience Yet

Yvonne_Bentley ‎01-31-2014 10:51 AM - edited ‎10-04-2015 09:30 PM

It’s a new year, and now its time to turn another page in the evolution of HP IT Service Management. We are proud to introduce HP Service Manager 9.33. In this newly updated version of HP Service Manager, we’ve included a wide array of customer enhancements to improve user experience and increase convenience. We’d like to take the time to present these new features and discuss how they benefit your user experience.


Attachment Handling: In HP Service Manager 9.33, we’ve redesigned the attachment-handling feature to increase the ease of use with the following improvements.


Multiple file selection: First, users can now select multiple files to attach to records concurrently. If one file fails to pass all validation criteria, an error message will be displayed under the file name, while the remaining files are uploaded as expected. Similarly, users can now download multiple attachments from a record with just one click that places the files into a single zip file.


Upload progress bar: When a file is being uploaded, a progress bar is now displayed under the file name together with the uploading details (e.g., the uploaded percentage, the uploading rate and the remaining time).


  • Capacity indicator: There is a capacity indicator at the top of the Attachment section displaying the remaining space available for attachments, and it is updated continuously as users attach files. It is worth mentioning that users are able to configure the size limit for a single attachment as well as the total space for all attachments, and the system will intelligently validate these limits when files are being uploaded.


  • Count of attachments: The number of files attached to the record is now conveniently displayed in the section heading.


  • Additional info: In the Attachment section, the “Attached Date” column shows the time and date when each file was attached, and the “Attached By” column shows the login name of the user who attached that file.


  • Performance improvement: A previous “out of memory” issue, which occurred more often when dealing with large attachments, has been completely eliminated from this release.

Case Insensitive Oracle Solution: This new release enables users to utilize the faster Oracle case sensitive performance along with the advantages of case insensitive searches. This solution executes all statements within Service Manager by using UPPER CASE clauses in WHERE condition, GROUP BY clauses, and ORDER BY clauses. By eliminating the need to use case-insensitive Oracle,  this solution provides a remarkable (from 50% to 90%) performance improvement for queries on large tables.


Auto Refresh: When a ticket gets updated in Service Manager 9.33, views will now be refreshed automatically inreal-time. Of course, this enhancement only applies to the web client.


Service Request Catalog (SRC): We’ve further developed SRC to enhance its efficiency and usability:


  • Knowledge Article Feedback: Users can now add feedback to a knowledge article from within SRC. Furthermore, other gamification features such as Vote Up/Down, are associated with  knowledge documents. This feedback is made part of the Service Manager Knowledge Management (KM) process.


  • Knowledge Document Search and Usage History: Service Manager 9.33 now implements Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), which collects data about what information users are searching for, and what they are actually viewing. By using this feature, Search and Usage/Open KM document actions will be recorded in the KM history area.  SRC now stores both KM search history and KM usage history in Service Manager.


  • Comments on Service Requests: Users can now post comments on any open, pending, or denied service request by clicking the Comment & History button. Users no longer have to resubmit a request just to add a comment.


  • Additional Contact Info: Users gain visibility to additional contact information such as the first name, last name, and email address.


  • Login Names: Service Request Catalog conveniently saves user account names in the login page. When clicking on the user name field on the login page, the dropdown list will display the names of users who have previously logged in to the system.Users can also opt to clear the user name history from the login page.


  • Tablets: SRC now supports tablet devices without having to download the special content pack.  We believe this will help customers better embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.


  • SM Software Load Balance: From now on, SRC will automatically support SM software load balancer as long as it is configured on the SM server side.

Web Pages: We have changed the browser mode from Quirks mode to Standards mode and Service Manager 9.33 now supports Google Chrome.


We’ve only briefly touched on the enhancements within HP Service Manager 9.33 in this article. Come check out more detail on these features in the SM 9.33 release notes.  Additionally, you can access the Service Manager 9.33 release itself at: Be sure to tweet us @HPITSM with questions or suggestions! 


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About the Author


A 25+ year veteran of HP, Yvonne is currently a Senior Product Manager of HP ITSM software including HP Service Anywhere and HP Service Manager. Over the years, Yvonne has had factory and field roles in several different HP businesses, including HP Software, HP Enterprise Services, HP Support, and HP Imaging and Printing Group. Yvonne has been masters certified in ITIL for over 10 years and was co-author of the original HP IT Service Management (ITSM) Reference Model and Primers.

Rodolfo Azzam
on ‎02-05-2014 06:20 AM



It's there an option to handle the amount of windows opened in Service Manager, since when you click any option, it opens a new window and it's doesn't check if it is already is one open.


Furthermore, the languange specification in versión 9.32 is not good enough for Spanish, there is a high cost of translation that use valuable implementation time, insted of letting us to focus in the important things.


Last, in src (System request catalog) I really miss a field that tell the final user the expected time to solve his interaction.




on ‎10-06-2015 04:11 AM



we have migrated from SM9.3 to SM9.4 and we could see the columns "Attached By" and "Attached date" in Attacment section is coming as blank. Please help in how to resolve the issue and make those values displayed for attachments in service manager tickets.



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