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Is Self-Service or Self-Sufficiency the goal of the service desk?

HPE-SW-Guest on ‎07-02-2014 04:58 PM


Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software


Like many things in life, if you put a question into a context that everyone can relate to the answer becomes obvious.  Thus I propose a simple real world life example is in order to answer the question of: Is the goal of self-service or self-sufficiency the optimal goal of the service desk for end-users?


For a minute let’s assume you are the proud parent of twins who just graduated from college.  They have degrees, the have a driver licenses, they are great kids and heck we will even give them a job at $15.00 an hour. 

So far so good right? 


Absolutely! No parent would call this a bad deal. I suspect and most would even be very proud of them.  But here is the kicker. They move back in with you and your significant other. 


They move back into their old bedrooms, they eat your food, use your electricity and don’t pay a dime of rent (which is totally OK in this example because I forgot to tell you that you have money to burn – Congratulations!).

Now I ask you as a parent do you want or do you feel more successful with self-service or self-sufficiency?

If you think self-service is good enough or is the goal you are golden.  Your kids are mobile, they have degrees to lean on, they are could contributing members to society and they are even employable which can’t be said for all youngsters these days.  But they are 100 percent NOT self-sufficient. 


If they were self-sufficient they could pay their own rent/mortgage, buy their own groceries and even buy you a nice gift for your 25-Year anniversary next month. (This is truly the dream!)


Now let’s bring this story back to thinking about service desks, and out of the make believe world of having twins and being wealthy (which to me sounds like an oxymoron because having one kid is expensive, I can only imagine the expense of twins).


A “self-service desk” is interesting because you empower end-users to make their own requests and make them responsible for some basic knowledge management, but they still rely on the strength of the service desk team to support them. This is sort of like twins living at home after college graduation.


Now “self-sufficient service desk” means that you empower end users to solve many—if not most their needs—on their terms (rent or mortgage) on their time line and contribute to the larger community (Like supply you and your wife with a nice 25-year wedding anniversary gift).


Hopefully by now you are seeing that any service desk that only offers or speaks to self-service for end-users might be interesting, but it is not the best goal. It should not be any thing we accept in our organization.  The business deserves better and the service desk deserves better.


You need a Service Desk that is 100 percent focused on  providing self-sufficiency to the business or organization. The ONLY way to do that is with a Big Data Service Desk.  Great news! As of today, the ONLY Service Desk on the market that leverages Big Data across the solution is Service Anywhere from HPClick here for two great videos and see the power of a Big Data Service Desk for yourself.


Go self-sufficient or go home as I like to say in the Service Desk Space. If you have any questions about Service Anywhere or the service desk, feel free to email me here.

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