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Service Manager 9.31: How to Customize and Stylize Your Service Request Catalog

HPITSM ‎04-08-2013 06:25 PM - edited ‎09-25-2015 10:07 PM

Welcome to Service Manager 9.31! We’ve included many new features and functionalities in the latest SM release to help you get the most out of your service desk. One such improvement we are rather excited about is the ability to customize and stylize your Service Request Catalog.  Background symbols and images, separator lines, logos, and fonts can all be transformed to reflect your unique branding.


 Customize the interface to better meet your company needs:


Embed SRC in an HTML Frame

Embed the SRC directly into your corporate intranet, within standard HTML web pages by using the FRAME html tag.


Adapt the landing pages

Specify how many objects appear in the Dashboard, Services, and Support pages, and their order of appearance.


Use the Launcher to link to 3rd party sites and content via text or icons

Use the launcher (the empty space directly below the Dashboard, Services, Support, and Subscription menu bar) to link to third party applications, such as video training links, an  Internet search Web site, an internal HR Web site, or a chat support Web application.



Style the SRC interface to match your company branding:


Convert the application name

Replace the application name with the name of your company or a customized application name to match your branding.


Choose colors and graphics

Change the colors and graphics to ensure the interface echoes your company's signature branding and color palette. You can also redesign the backgrounds for the header, main, and footer areas. 


Customize the text format

Make changes to the appearance of text in the application. You can  edit fonts, text color, and size in the header and footer areas by customizing the style.css file.


Visual learner? Check out the example and list below to see how you can edit your SRC dashboard landing page: 



Background Symbols

1.            header     -----     the background of header area

2.            body     -----     the background of body area

3.            footer      -----     the background of footer area

4.            navigationBar     -----     the background of navigation bar

5.            navigationButtonUp     -----     the background of navigation button in UP status

                navigationButtonOver     -----     the background of navigation button in OVER status

                navigationButtonSelected     -----     the background of navigation button in SELECTED status

                navigationButtonDisabled     -----     the background of navigation button in DISABLED status

6.            searchBoxFocusOut     -----     the background of search box in OUT(default) status

                searchBoxFoucsIn     -----     the background of search box in IN(click in) status

                searchBoxDisabled     -----     the background of search box in DISABLED status


Separator Lines

7.             navigationBarSeperatorStart     -----     the separator line in navigation bar (left side)

8.             navigationBarSeperatorEnd     -----     the separator line in navigation bar (right side)

9.             headerSeperator     -----     the separator line below navigation bar

10.          footerSeperator     -----     the separator line upon footer


Logos & Images

11.           companyLogo     -----     the company’s logo in header

12.           footerLogo     -----     the company’s logo in footer

13.           backgroundImage     -----     the background image of body area

14.           headerUserAccountIcon     -----     the icon for user account

15.           headerShoppingCartIcon     -----     the icon for shopping cart


Ready to customize your SRC? Check out HP Service Request Catalog 1.4 Customization Guide. This site requires that you register for an HP Passport and sign in. To register for an HP Passport

ID, go to:  


For more information on additional highlights from Service Manager 9.31, or as our friends call it, SM 9.31, check out HP Service Manager version 9.31 highlights!


As always, for all things @HPITSM, follow us on Twitter.


Thanks for reading!


Fei Ren, Ping Geng (Tommy), and He Xu (Amy)

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