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The HP Service Anywhere March 2014 Release Now Available

MaryRasmussen ‎03-31-2014 09:36 AM - edited ‎09-27-2015 07:28 PM

 It was just 3 months ago when the new HP Service Anywhere came to market – the solution designed and built specifically for SaaS and ITSM with big data technology as part of the foundation. Since its release, customers have enjoyed higher user satisfaction and increased productivity using Service Anywhere’s modern interface and connected intelligence that includes unstructured data from social insight. 


Here are only three of the many enhancements you will experience with this release:

 Hot Topic Analytics

Customers can now easily visualize the trends in their IT environment, and take action based on those trends.  One use case implemented in this release is to use the map to find hot incidents and then take action to create a problem record for these incidents.  This allows IT to easily identify lower priority incidents that are occurring frequently but are not readily visible otherwise due to the nature of the incident.  Yet these incidents reduce productivity both for IT agents (who may end up taking phone calls to solve them) and business users who may struggle in resolving.  Visibility is raised with the problem creation, and productivity is raised across the business as IT support is aware of the issue, and at some point the problem will get resolved.




Users can also use this map to easily find the hot topics being discussed through social collaboration and service request management.  When a trend appears, IT can use the discussions to create knowledge or improve existing knowledge articles made available through self-service to reduce or eliminate future calls on this topic.    


The Hot Topic Analytics feature is an example of the power brought to this service through the Vertica component of the HAVEn technology. The analytics capability is not “bolted on” but is foundational to Service Anywhere, so users benefit from it from within a fully integrated UI.


The Change Calendar
Service Anywhere users will never be without a full forward looking view of change plans in their IT environment. The new change calendar helps customers track plans and status, see blackout periods, and flag plans outside the maintenance windows. With the change calendar, users can easily plan their changes, and reduce the risk of self-inflicted change related issues.



"The most ingenious forward looking schedule of change to date! Collisions, approvals and coordinators visualized in the calendar. Can suggest time frames that fit maintenance periods and avoid collisions. Dates are adjustable in the view. Scroll to Change function from the list of changes. Great stuff from HP Service Anywhere” –  ManagE,  Beta user and HP partner.


Another major change related enhancement not detailed here is our new change map.  The map shows users the affected services, CIs and relationships. This feature will be demoed during our upcoming “New Features” webinar on April 9th along with the change calendar—you won’t want to miss this event!


Incident MGT Landing page

With this release comes an incident management landing page that provides ease of use and enhances productivity by giving a new level of visibility to the agent.  The user can immediately see records of interest, and can create reusable incident models and task plans from the landing page.  This is an example of how our user interface is designed to optimize the experience of the IT service management user.





Learn More

Blogs are traditionally short – and this one already is not!  I don’t have room to go over every new component of this amazing release. So for more information I suggest doing one or more of the following:

There will also be more articles coming to this blog in the future talking to benefits and features.  You might also want monitor my events blog that is tracking Service Anywhere web events and replays up until we leave for Discover Las Vegas in early June.


Service Anywhere March 2014 demonstrates the go to market power of our continuous delivery model, where new features and enhancements arrive to customers at the speed of business.  No more complex, resource intensive upgrades. Service Anywhere users only look forward to continual delivery of great benefits and fast TTV on their software investment. 


You’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve abandoned release numbering – and now use date designations for Service Anywhere.  That’s because as a SaaS application, we have many minor updates that happen transparently to deployed services including our free trial systems.  Our major updates are designated by month and year of the release.  I just wanted to clarify the naming as soon you will start hearing about HP Service Anywhere June 2014.   Cheers. 


About the Author


Mary (@maryrasmussen_) is the worldwide product marketing manager for HPE Software Education. She has 20+ years of product marketing, product management, and channel/alliances experience. Mary joined HP in 2010 from an early-stage SaaS company providing hosted messaging and mobility services. Mary has a BS in Computer Science and a MBA in Marketing.

on ‎04-14-2014 06:15 AM

Another very interesting capability of the Hot Topic Analytics is its application on pieces of information that go beyond formal tickets and entities in the system.

So, for example, we allow the IT to analyze what the end-users are searching for in the portal. By that the IT is able to get insights into growing areas of interest among the LOBs for services that it doesn't provide yet, and can decide to be very proactive and provide those services even before people are asking for them.


I'm looking forward to discussing this and other topics with anyone that would attend SITS in London, Apr 29-30.

Just look for me at our booth.

Full details at this link:

on ‎09-12-2014 04:14 AM

Having tested Hot topic analytics i have to congratulate HP on this amazing functionality!


The fact its been ported to Service Manager is excellent, its turning an average system into something everyone wants to be a part of!

The new UI has added a lot of benefit and is sparking lots of interest,

Diana Wosik
on ‎10-17-2014 01:40 AM

I really like the idea of change calendar - it makes it very clear and easy to track. A really great improvement!


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