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The ITSM trilogy of HP Discover

ScottKnox ‎12-09-2013 05:07 PM - edited ‎10-04-2015 08:41 PM

The Lord of the Rings produced three fantastic movies and is now rolling out films from the story’s prequel the Hobbit.  Although I have to ask (like many of you???) how are they going to turn the book into three films, especially given how far into the story the first film went and how far it appears film two will take us?

What does this movie trilogy have to do with HP Discover you ask? Well, in my somewhat twisted mind I see a few interesting links: 

  • First, the Hobbit is a great story and HP Discover provides a lot of great stories from customers, partners, and of course HP.
  • Second, the Hobbit tells the transformation story of young Bilbo Baggins from a timid hobbit satisfied to stay in Hobbiton to a brave and bold world traveler, warrior and burglar. Similarly, there is major transformation coming to ITSM generally and Service Manager specifically.  
  • Third, just like movie trailers are designed to tease you and whet your appetite for good movies coming soon, this blog is my attempt to provide a “coming attractions trailer” for hot ITSM topics that I am very excited for you to learn about at HP Discover or in our blogs in the very near future.

 Just like there are three movies for the Hobbit, there are three topics I want to “tease” you about that will be announced at HP Discover.  Start by looking at the HP Discover blog by Michael Pott where he gives you a complete view of all the ITSM activities this week.


Part 1: The journey to the New Style of IT with Service Manager


The first topic is that we are working on a “new style of IT” and new capabilities and usability improvements that are coming for Service Manager.  For this announcement I want you to envision Bilbo stuck in the castle of the wood Elves, hunting for his Dwarf friends. Without a successful strategy to troll through the castle and avoid being seen, he would never find them and be able to move on to the Lonely Mountain and the desolation of Smaug. Here is a blog post to read to help "wet your whistle" with updates about what is new with Service Manager.


Part 2: The trek continues with Service Anywhere


Second, we will be discussing the advancements made to Service Anywhere. As I was thinking of this blog I thought about Bilbo having to prove himself to the dwarves. Thankfully, I think you will find that Service Anywhere is breaking new ground just like Bilbo was in the battle with the spiders.  Mary Rasmussen recently wrote about Service Anywhere and where you can find this team at Discover.


Part 3: Overcoming IT challenges with Propel


Third, we announced the Propel framework and catalog offering last week and we are very excited about it. Propel transforms your IT business so it is better prepared for the rigors and stresses of the 21st century. Much like the journey with the dwarves helped transform Bilbo, this framework will transform your IT department. To quote from one of our blogs about Propel, “HP Propel is the first ITSM framework of its kind, transforming IT into a true Services Broker. Powered by an online services exchange, it delivers fully integrated services through a single, consumer-friendly cloud-based portal to end users, without requiring that you replace back-end systems or processes.”  I encourage you to Check out the blog by June Manley here as well as the blog on this topic from Chuck Darst here.


If you are at HP Discover in Barcelona, I encourage you to come speak with us. We are in section SW-8 in the Software Pavillion (booths 4614, 4615 and 4617), just down from the espresso bar.


So there you go.  Hope you like this little “trailer” and look forward to the feature presentation— both The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug and HP Discover –The new style of IT.  More importantly, I hope you really like the new capabilities we are bringing you and find that together we make your life in IT or your life in business supported by IT much more successful.  


Finally, I want to end with a sincere THANK YOU for all you do.  We at HP and particularly in the Service Portfolio Management space very much appreciate you. 


With much respect

Scott Knox

Sr Product Manager -- Service Management Center

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