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HPITSM ‎03-11-2013 09:36 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 10:04 PM

Many IT managers worry about under-compliance when it comes to vendor audits and licenses, and understandably so. However, did you know that statistically more organizations are “over-compliant” when it comes to license-related IT issues? Allow us to address common asset management questions regarding over-compliance.


What is “over-compliance” and how is complying too much with something a bad thing?


Over-compliance occurs when organizations that do not measure their software usage pay for more licenses than they use or even need, wasting millions of dollars on unnecessary software. From an organizational management point-of-view, overspending in this way is a serious issue since it prevents cost-cutting and inhibits funding for innovation.


How does “over-compliance” happen?

The causes of overspending come in part from a lack of a thorough understanding of:

  • Usage entitlements
  • The rights for upgrade or downgrade
  • The right of second usage and other conditions
  • Purchasing software in an ad hoc fashion then later realizing that gathering software usage information is extremely complex
  • Installing license keys simply because they are available, not because they are needed

While these points are sometimes addressed and spelled out in software contracts, other times they are omitted, leaving users and asset managers essentially uninformed.


How do you resolve “over-compliance”?


Effective management of the software asset lifecycle requires a well-defined and transparent process from request to disposal or re-usage, which in turn requires the right tools set to automate and integrate these processes and optimize your licenses. HP Software Asset Manager automates software license compliance for worry-free vendor audits and optimizes existing investments to avoid over-spending on software.


Software asset management (SAM) processes include the following:

  • Inventory management—Knowing what software has been deployed, by whom and how often that software is utilized
  • License management—Knowing precisely which software licenses your organization possesses and understanding what entitlements the contracts allow
  • Internal policies and guidelines—Knowing which software is permitted to be used, who is allowed to install it and who is allowed to use it
  • Compliance management—Knowing where reconciliation is done for inventory against license entitlement and internal policies data

We will be dedicating the next few ITAM blogs to delving into these four SAM processes and discussing each one in detail.


In the meantime, we encourage you to start gaining a better understanding of the HP SAM solution by participating in our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 12th, 10am GMT/11 am CET.



The webinar will break down business case for SAM along with HP’s gradual approach to successfully realizing savings. You will also learn where to begin with SAM so that you can:

  • Discover your software install base
  • Successfully manage license assets and related contracts
  • Reconcile your inventory versus license entitlements

Register for this opportunity to learn all about the HP SAM solution here.


And to keep up with upcoming events and products, be sure to follow us on Twitter @HPITSM and our HP ITSM LinkedIn Group!

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Shalabh Gupta
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Is it possible to share the recoreded video of the seminar.

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