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Re: Using HP Service Manager inside and outside your IT


Great article Vadim, thanks ! Could you please summarize what were the (non-IT) areas where you deployed Service Manager ?

HP ITSM Product Director
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About the Author


Jacques Conand is the Director of ITSM Product Line, having responsibility for the product roadmap of several products such as HP Service Manager, HP Asset Manager, HP Universal CMDB, HP Universal Discovery and the new HP Service Anywhere product. Jacques is also chairman of the ITSM Customer Advisory Board, ensuring the close linkage with HP's largest customers.


Great article Vadim, thanks ! Could you please summarize what were the (non-IT) areas where you deployed Service Manager ?

James Hamilton

This approach to using HP Service Manager is fascinating.  However, I am curious how the customer handled the ITIL-centric nature of the tool.  In my experience, I have found that to be a source of customer confusion, even within IT.


Great post; thanks for your contributions.

John Stagaman

When I started with it, our company was using SD/IM for customer relations, store maintenance, loss prevention, and multiple IT areas. It seems like SRC/RM seems to most readily branch into non-IT areas.


I too would like to learn where we can apply Service Manager to non-it areas.

Vadim Gorda

Thank you Jacques,

Unfortunately I can not say the exact projects but there topics were:

automation fulfilment of planned workorders in non IT structure

automation of checking process of conformity to exact criteria and fulfilment of the process for handling recovering procedures to fix the  violation.


anyway it really does not meter what is previous example as any process action can be put to the system of that scale!

Vadim Gorda

Thank you for comments!

@James - ITIL nature of the product can be made not that obvious for customer if you built proper process based on the system objects (actually John has clarified that they had done non IT projects as well). As a result it will be a powerful tool covering customer needs with a lot of good features and functionality.


@Dkalian - I have very briefly touched that topic in previous reply. If you will have more questions , feel free to ask and I will try to answer them.




Great article Vadim, thanks ! And we also used HP Service Manager for more than just ITSM to manage the Railpockets of train drivers and conductors for the Dutch Railways.

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