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What’s new for HP CMS v10.10

btmiller ‎12-13-2013 09:55 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 08:38 PM

Have you heard the news? We have a new version of HP Configuration Management Software, and it is packed with advances that will help you.


New versions of software mean that it’s time to learn and gain an understanding of what is relevant to you and your organization. We have lots to cover at a high level here with this 10.10 release, and there is no lack of enhanced value for this version of HP Universal CMDB, HP Universal Discovery, HP UCMDB Configuration Manager, HP UCMDB Browser, or the details in everything for Content Pack 13.


Let’s start with the goals for this particular release. What we really wanted to achieve was an overall, greater capability for enterprise readiness. This is why we focused on topics like :

  • IPv6
  • HP UCMDB Browser
  • High-Availability

We also pushed the boundaries with this release—we were able to get up to 60 million Configuration Items (CIs) supported for this version. These improvements help customers ensure they have the desired outcome when they deploy or upgrade/migrate to this release.


A closer look at HP Universal CMDB

From a HP Universal CMDB perspective, we have a few things to highlight. Pushing the limits to 60 million CIs means that we have increased our capability to 50 percent more than v10.01 and v9.05. This is great for those growing customers who want to know that the products can handle what they put into it as they expand.


Customers have asked for more flexibility with the addition of support for PostgreSQL Databases, and we’ve included that in this version. Now customers have the ability to select this as part of their installation. In addition to PostgreSQL, we now also support Microsoft SQL 2012.


For those of you who are technically minded, the JMX Console can be hard to navigate and consume. With that in mind, we have added the ability to search inside the JMX Console. This provides you with the power to easily understand logs and the data within your console for your troubleshooting when you most need it.


In this v3.0 release for the HP UCMDB Browser, we have a ton of enhancements that make it more valuable to deploy for your wider audience:

  • Customers gain the ability to create Dynamic Widgets for their specific use cases.
  • Categorization of CIs brings you the value of honing in on only that which matters most to you within the HP UCMDB.
  • The ability to change the logo of the HP UCMDB Browser, along with the name. This gives you control over your own branding during the deployment and usage for your audience.

The value of HP Universal Discovery


HP Universal Discovery (UD) and Content Pack 13 offer some of the most valuable details for you. Within HP UD, we have stayed ahead of the curve by offering IPv6 to those customers who are migrating away from IPv4.


In the HP UD probes, you can now cluster them for better performance and dynamic management of those larger IP Ranges. There is also native support for Windows x64 platforms for those that are in a pure x64 environment.


During your discovery, you can perform an Express Teaching so that unrecognized windows files can be learned as part of the inventory discovery. This makes it easier to broaden the reach for discovering relevant files.


13 is a lucky number


In Content Pack 13 we have a ton of the little things that make up all of those customer enhancements, bug-fixes, patches, etc. Content Packs are where we add discovery functionality or features like virtualization and clustering with Microsoft App-V 5.0 Support or the ESX Discovery Using CIM Protocol.  Now we are able to include Oracle VM for x86 Discovery. IBM Virtualization via IBM IVM and HP Integrity VM Virtualization Discovery are also included, so there have been lots and lots of changes (in a good way) for virtualization and clustering.


Enhancements have been made to the Cisco Nexus Switch Discovery and the Layer 2 Discovery via CDP/LLDP. This includes the discovery for HP ProCurve, 3COM and H3C device configuration and layer 2 topology being added to the SNMP-based layer 2 discovery jobs. In this Content Pack we also introduce the HP EVA and IBM SVC via SMI-S abilities for discovery for storage devices.


Last but not least, we have a great set of integrations added for the adapters included with v10.10. There is now a directional sync of data with HP PPM so you can share information from the HP UCMDB via Discovery. HP Network Automation (NA) has also been included as an integration for various changes across routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and wireless access points. And, we now have a high value in the Service Anywhere adapter for those customers who are looking to run an integration from their HP UCMDB in the SaaS environment. This really brings home the ability to align to Service Asset and Configuration Management for our customers!


In summary, there is a ton of information here and simply not enough space to share it all, so we encourage you to learn more about this release by going out to

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