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Why are you waiting to see the future when you can get started with only 5 users today?

HPE-SW-Guest ‎05-18-2014 08:54 PM - edited ‎05-19-2014 01:22 PM


Guest Post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go To Market


Most new technology or solutions go through a predictable adoption path regardless of how game changing they are.  You know the story, out of the gate earlier adopters stick their toe in the water and play with the solution.  It is often a very slow grind to get to a critical mass where clients line up for the opportunity to use the new solution.


We have been around for 75+ years and we are all too familiar with the rollout process and adoption of new technology and new solutions. As a result of this experience, we wanted to do something very different.  We care about our clients and our partners and thus we are announcing a low entry point that empowers clients to try the new solution at their discretion.


Specifically we are announcing the ability to sign up for Service Anywhere with only five users.  (Yes, get a production-ready solution for only five users and you can see the future at your own rate.) With such a low quantity requirement, it does not matter if you already have a help desk. You can also start this solution even if you have six months left on a contract with a provider who has frozen you in a snow bank of an old release or an ever-changing pricing structure. HP Service Anywhere was built to be easy to use, easy to configure and easy to administer.


The benefits of starting with a small release


Think about it. You could spin up a small project inside a single department.  Or, maybe you could use it on a large project or program that one of your cross-functional teams is using.  Frankly with a minimum of only five users, you could simply spin-up a cross-functional team and task them with looking into the future one day a week for four hours at a time.


Sometimes it helps to have the experience of multiple decades behind you and literally thousands of product launches.  HP is proud of constantly pushing the envelope and setting the new standard for others to follow, especially when we can create a new market from scratch.


With a minimum quantity of only five users, we have removed any and all barriers for all our clients to use the future now.  The best way to encourage the masses to adopt the future quickly is to make it easy, make it cheap and empower them to quickly “feel” the power of a game changing technology.


I truly believe the riddle to solve with the masses is to get them to “feel” the power of the future.  Remember it is easy to get users to understand the future but in reality most people are comfortable enough with today’s solution that they just meander along for years. They are stuck—until one day many years from now they say okay it is time to move on. By that time, it is too late and they have lost time, lost significant dollars and frustrated their end users.


As a leader in a large complex organization I know one thing for certain—there are lots of people who are comfortable and do a great job day in and day out. That being said, there are only a few game changers; the ones that want to make a difference and impact the business in a very positive way. 


If you are a game changer, step up and sign up your five users today or at least go get your 30 day trial of Service Anywhere here and then sign up for your five  users.

This is your chance to change the future!

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