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Asset Data


Asset Data

I've configured the Scanner to update with Serial Number or Computer name, but I'm getting a _ before the Value Asset Tag. Example: When view the device information under Asset Data the Description and Asset Tag number are correct, but the description starts with a
- XXXXXX, 2399MHz, 1910MB and the asset tag with _XXXXXXX. The Scan file Name starts with the same _XXXXXXX.xsf Any suggestions on removing this?
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Re: Asset Data

Are you using a "Combination Field" or "Sequence" ?

Check the "Field Parameters" in your Scanner Generator / Asset Tag Field Configuration.

Make sure you are using just "%1" or "%2" in the Parameters and not using "_%1" or "_%2"

Hope that helps

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Re: Asset Data

hey SNI,

You cannot choose primary or secondary options for Serial number.

As Jeff has stated, you should choose either Serial Number or Computer alone.
So, it would be %1 or %2.
If you select both for the value, then it would be taken as %1_%2. (Serialnumber_ComputerName)

For the cases where serial number is not found, it would give only _ComputerName.

I hope this helps.

Karthik Rao