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Missing DDMI Utilization


Missing DDMI Utilization

Utilization is not being reported for all devices. Example Adobe Acrobat shows under reporting with 78 deployments Utilization enabled Yes. Only 36 devices are reporting with utilization information. 42 devices do not have any utilization information reported in the scan file. Anyone see this issue before?
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Re: Missing DDMI Utilization

Question was not really clear to me.

1. Are you using latest ZSAI files?
2. Is the same scanner version being used on all the 78 devices?
3. Are you seeing errors in the scanner log file (local$.log in the same location as that of scan file on the managed device).


Re: Missing DDMI Utilization

Sorry for not being more clear. Yes, all the SAI files are up to date. I forced a scanner update from Data Management>Update Device Models. Verified scanner version are same. Log file does not have any errors and completes with success. We are running version 7.60. I've verified the plug-in ini file is correct. Discusge.log shows usage agent starting in poller mode.
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Re: Missing DDMI Utilization

I assume that,
You are using same scanner configuration for all 78 devices.

In this case,
1. Check if these devices are not stucked in "Network Model Processing" queue under Administration -> Status -> Device Status

2. Also check if these devices scan file processing is not stuck
Administration -> Status -> Device Status -> Active Devices -> Modelling queue (can't remember exact names)

3. Check the "Data Dir/Scans/Failed" folder if there are any scan files over there.

4. Check if there are any process on the managed devices which might be preventing scanner from getting utilization information.

First 2 cases have been experienced by us in our environment causing missing utilization.
In which case you will need to manage with the number of managed devices and the frequency of scanning.