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XML Enricher

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XML Enricher

I was trying to find this in the documentation but couldn't.

When I do the "Run XML Enricher" under Data Management, it tells me it's going to take 10 hours, which seems fine and normal.

I have about 14,000 scan files in my "Processed" folder.

I noticed last night when I ran the XML enricher, it appeared to have finished normally. When i looked at the "modified" date and time of all the scan files in my 'processed' folder, almost half of the files had a modified date that was prior to when I started.

For instance... If I ran the XML Enricher at 7:00pm on 11/18/2009. I'm thinking that should re-process every scan file prior to 7:00pm 11/18/2009. That does not seem to be the case. There were scan files that hadn't been 'modified' dating back to early October. There were also scan files that didn't get 'modified' that were from 11/10/2009.

My question, does DDMI use extra criteria in order to allow a re-process of a scan file with the Data Management -> Enrich XML function? Does the original device have to be "active" in the database (as in not "Deleted" status).

What is the downside of just copying/pasting all the scan files from the "processed" folder into the "incoming" folder? It seems that would be quicker anyways. I noticed when you do the XML enricher it only does a few at a time.

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Re: XML Enricher

The batch job scheduler under data management does indeed do only a few at a time... so that regular things don't get stuck behind a big job.

There is no problem taking everything from the processed directory and moving (or copying) it to incoming.... it just clogs up your incoming directory, but the system will work fine.

As to which devices get processed, the help does say "all devices", but I don't know what order they are done in.

Orphaned scan files (for devices that are no longer in the database - if you have that option enabled) would not be processed via the UI.
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Re: XML Enricher

Thanks for the response.

No orphaned files. Not sure why it doesn't re-process EVERYTHING... oh well..

I ended up copying it and it worked a lot better than actually running the XML enricher. For one thing it only took 3 hours to process all 14,000 xsf files instead of 10 hours. The database got a little backed up... but by the time i got to work in the morning it was all caught up. For another, it actually re-processed all the scan files.

Thanks again,