11.0 ignite install is failingg.

Pratyush Paul_1
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11.0 ignite install is failingg.

I have created the following depots

/depot/core, /depot/apps, /depot/custom, /depot/diag /depot/patch

Did generate the config files thru

#make_config -s /depot/core -c /var/opt/ignite/new/core_cfg, apps_cfg, diag_cfg, custom_cfg, patch_cfg.
Then edited my INDEX file.
# instl_adm -T ( to test the config files)

When I am pushing an ignite image to the client it is failing with the sparse failure, I have the install.log for you. If someone could let me know why this is happening. I am able to complete the installation, but it has errors, I am able to log into the client. The problem what I see is of the patch_cfg. I did exclude the patch_cfg and it is crashing the system after the reboot. Now I question is do Ihave to make any changes to the config file (patch_cfg) in order to stop this ERROR from happening.

Help Appreciated.


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